The 5 Style Tips That Will Keep You Looking Fashionable All Winter Long

By Sacha Roman

We are well into January and there’s no doubt that winter has arrived! During this time of the year, it can be difficult to maintain your style and look fashionable when you’re facing snowy conditions and freezing temperatures. The goal for most of us is to stay warm and dry throughout the day and unfortunately, … Read More

In The Know With Coco & Cowe: January 12

By The Team

Are you the most stubborn in an argument? Well, turns out it might be beneficial to see the other side before you’re able to claim victory. The Golden Globes happened, and here are the best and worst highlights. Specifically, this speech by the one and only Oprah. Hearing some things about #Oprah2020 lately? While that … Read More

How To Devise That Budgeting Plan You’ve Been Meaning To Do For Years

By Tara

Last year, as a student in college, I was an incredibly conservative spender and just could not bring myself to spend money on even a simple cup of coffee. I attribute this not just to the frugal lifestyle of most students, but also to the fact that since I wasn’t earning an income, the dollar … Read More

In The Know With Coco & Cowe: January 5

By The Team

A hot-pink socialite from the early 2000s is newly engaged, and you have to peep her engagement ring Shonda Rhimes and America Ferrera are among a group of hundreds of film industry notables aiming to change the conversation and realities of sexual assault with this amazing initiative And it doesn’t stop there: watch out for how actresses and film … Read More