A Conversation with Claire McIntyre

There are still so many aspects of motherhood that are hush-hush, spoken about in confidence and with sheepishness (or worse, shame). Infertility is more common than our not talking about it would suggest, and that’s why I love Claire. She’s upfront and outspoken about her family’s experience with surrogacy and how she built her family with … Read More

Spicy Roasted Cauliflower with Chickpeas and Parsley Garlic Greek Yogurt

  I’m still caught on that cauliflower train.  I love it (see here, here, here, here AND here!).  Especially when you’re serving a crowd and are looking for a side that isn’t super heavy, cauliflower is always a good idea.  I recently whipped this roasted cauliflower concoction up for Sunday dinner with my family and … Read More

Happy Long Weekend! (and) What I’ve Been Reading….

  This is a really interesting perspective.   I think I agree. A heartbreaking account.. So-called ‘bikini bodies’. So addicted to Master of None.  Alllllllooooora! I’m always looking for fun and engaging ways to teach Harlowe about giving back.  These are awesome. I’ve always loved this nursery  I could spend forever on this site. Very … Read More