Keeping Up With Harlowe’s Curiosity With LeapFrog

By Coco

After Harlowe’s first year of school and on the first day of summer holidays, she said to me, “Mumma, I need to do lots of maths because I need to ‘get smarter’.” I responded, “Smarter? What do you mean, you’re very smart, Harlowe.”  To which she said, “I need to get smarter so that I … Read More

Save Time This Week: Cozy Meal Prep Ideas

By Trang

A funny thing happens as the season changes and it gets colder outside… I don’t know if you experience this, but I get slower. A little more lethargic, a little more blasé. Not lazy (don’t worry, Coco, still working hard), but just appreciating the small moments, seeking out warm comfort in the face of chilly breezes. … Read More