have a lovely weekend…

There’s a Port-o-Potty on the patio of my local pub, which can only mean one thing….  Tomorrow is St Patrick’s Day!  I’m not sure if I will get into any shenanigans BUT I will find a way to ingest something green.  Shamrock Shake perhaps?  Or maybe just more of these Kale Chips

For your reading pleasure:

I’m on the road to being nominated as the person who takes the longest to decorate their home and am a definite frontrunner in the Home Office department.  The Huz basically wants to throttle me.  I did find some inspiration HERE though.  Will try to work on it this weekend.  Any suggestions?

I’m having a ‘mint moment’.  So is Jane.  Here and Here  Love!

These unexpected shots from NYFW are great.  Those nails!

THIS BAG!!!!!!! 

I could spend hours on this site

I’ve been a lazy TFW blogger but Daniella from BHD hasn’t!  Check out her posts, especially this one

This is a cute way to display/organize your baubles