5 spots: NY

I was recently in NY and the weather was perfect.  The trees had just begun to blossom and the collective mood was more than pleasant.  It was a quick trip, so this post is just a little recap of some favourites (new & old).

Parks:  Square footage on the isle of Manhattan is a coveted commodity, so parks (outside of Central Park) are interesting, quirky and many times a surprise to stumble upon.


Food: Cafe Habana.  Everyone raves about this place and couldn’t believe I hadn’t been.  If you’re really hungry and not looking to spend a lot of money (HUGE portions) I highly recommend.  Get the CORN!  I spent the rest of the trip walking it off and would do it again and again.  Plus its just a shimmy from the main drag if you’re in Soho (they also have locations in Brooklyn and Malibu)


Drinks: The Mondrian.  I’ve always loved the idea of a green house and the Mondrian’s inventive lobby bar is within just that, a green house!  Cascading collections of shimmering chandeliers adorn the glass ceiling and the cocktails are delish!

More Food: Clinton Street Bakery. This place usually has lines around the corner, but if your ever in town mid-week (or don’t mind waiting in line), check it out.  They’re famous for their pancakes and once you try them, you’ll know why.



 Party Time!: w.i.p. Underneath Greenhouse lies WIP (Work In Progress).  A club that once you step down into you feel that you’ve time travelled back into late ’70’s early 80’s New York (from what I’ve seen in movies and on TV that is…)  A mish mash of cool and weird (with the soundtrack and clientel to match) If you’re in the mood for something fun & different and just wanna DANCE! Go.

Inventive washroom sign that gets straight to the point:


Oh and we met this guy.  He was sweet up until he discovered we didn’t actually have any treats.


Have any New York faves that I should give a try?  Leave a comment and let me know!