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DIY: Pretty Pink Pumpkins!

By Coco

I got crafty this weekend and made pumpkin vases inspired by a photo I saw in Chatelaine.  There weren’t many instructions attached to the photo so I decided to do this post as a little how-to.

Because I’m not a die hard fan of orange, painting them a soft pink was right up my alley.  If pink isn’t your thing either, the sky is the limit when choosing your palette and if your desired shade isn’t available in a ready made tube (like mine wasn’t) mix a few shades together and come up with a colour of your own.

Some sites instructed using wall paint from the hardware store but since I paint with acrylics from time to time, I gave them a whirl and they worked magically.  I used Liquitex BASICS in Medium Magenta and Titanium White and a little bit of Iridescent Pale Gold from A-Magenta Acrylic Colour.

I painted the bottom first, let it dry and then flipped it over to complete the top.


and voila!





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  1. cute! I love adding paint to non traditional items. Happy Thanksgiving!