A New Year DIY: Chevron Fabric Covered Nail Head Cork Board!

By Coco


I’ve had this cork board in my office closet for a while now.  I never managed to put it up because it was so darn ugly.  Over the holidays as my little one slept I thought it might be time to either throw it out or snazz it up – I obvious chose snazz.

Check out how to do one for yourself below!

You will need:

– A cork board

– Enough fabric to cover said board with around three to four inches to spare on every side (tip: make sure the fabric isn’t too thick or too thin.  A good light cotton will do. I snagged mine at The Workroom but most fabric stores will have you want for pretty cheap)

– Around 150 thumbtacks – I used large head furniture nails from Home Hardware

– Spray adhesive

– A staple gun or glue gun



How to:

First up, iron your fabric to make sure you get rid of all of the creases


Spray the board with spray adhesive and lay your fabric evenly on top.  Smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles with your hands.

Now here comes the annoying part – and the part that makes it beautiful….  See how that works?  Nothing worth anything is easy, this DIY can attest.

Get pushing!  You can use a ruler to help keep the pins straight.

Once all of your tacks are in, flip over your board and staple or glue the remaining fabric in place.  Pull it taut to insure no ripples.

And now the fun part – decorate!  One of my resolutions is to be more organized so I’ve printed off a calendar from Design Love Fest (which I added some pizzaz to) and will use my board for reminders (hence the Thank You card – still so many to be done and sent out)

Interested in giving it a whirl?  Let me know if you have any questions or if you’ve done it before and have any more tips!




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  1. Gina says on

    Looks lovely and expensive! I saw some of these fabric cork boards for over $100! This is a great DIY!

    1. Thanks Gina!