travel tuesday: how to make travel keepsake boxes!

I want to take a break from travel reporting to share a little DIY that I started working on a while ago, forgot about, and then recently FINALLY finished.  Milka put me on to this feature in Martha Stewart Living and I literally ran out to grab a copy because it was right up my alley.


Travel Keepsake Boxes!

If you’re anything like me, when you travel you not only take a bazillion pictures, you also collect little trinkets and keepsakes along the way.  Hotel room keys, train tickets, boarding passes, matches (guilty x 4).  Then you come home and stash them in a drawer or shoe box and remember them only when you’re about to move.  This simple DIY gives you a cute place to stash your little memories and incorporate them in your home.

Here’s how:

-Find a few boxes without a front latch that close without an overhang.  I got mine HERE as per Martha’s reco

-Paint boxes with craft or acrylic paint.  Martha says craft but I only had acrylic and they worked out fine

-Once the paint has dried, apply stencil stickers (like these) of your desired destination and lightly paint.


Once dried, remove stencils and voila!  All of your travel trinkets now have a place to go!




I picked a few of my favorite spots to travel for my boxes, but if you travel frequently and can picture your entire bookcase being covered in boxes, why not name the boxes after parts of the world like: Europe, Asian, USA/North America, South America etc.

I also decided to outline my NY and LA boxes with black ink because the grey was a bit light.  I think I will now outline them all.

Are you a scrapbooker?  Is this something you would try?



p.s. still working on styling my bookcase.  H is slowly taking it over….