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Let’s Go: The Shangri-la Boracay, Philippines

By Coco




I’ve been dying to go to the Philippines since I was a kid and my best friend left me bff-less in Newmarket so she could celebrate Fiesta with her family back in her parent’s home town.  The pictures and stories she returned with were chock-full of colour and life and since then it’s ranked pretty high on my bucket list.

One of the places that my Filipino friends rave about most is Boracay, a small island off the coast of Manila.  With pristine beaches, relaxing atmosphere and surprisingly budding nightlife, Boracay would totally be one of my stops on my Philippine tour and the Shangri-la would be top on my list of dream places to stay.








Oh what I would give to jump into that pool right now!

Have you been to the Philippines?  What was your favorite place to visit?



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  1. Mimi says on

    OMG….These pics look amazing.

    I’ve been to Manila and Boracay. Cebu and Baguio are places I’d like to see because I have fam there.

    Boracay has the prettiest beaches of any place Ive ever been ….EVER.

    I think we should go. I’m going to wait for you to text me YES then we can book.


  2. I enjoy this so much. I think it is good that people get to know about this.