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A Month As A Vegan

By Coco


So I’ve resolved that this year I’m going to read more books.  Yes, I’ve forgone the ‘lose 10 pounds’ or ‘get to goal weight’ constant resolution because, to be honest, it’s never really worked for me and it’s something I hope to happen without the attachment to New Years.  After having a baby and not being able to shed the baby weight as fast as I would have liked, I think focusing more on overall health is where it’s at.

So books for brain health, and a continued commitment to overall health of the body.

It’s with that sentiment that I decided to try something new.  One of my best friends became a vegan around a year ago.  I told him he was weird and annoying but after months of him extolling the benefits of his new lifestyle he’s finally moved me to try it out.  That, and of course Beyonce.  Basically anything Beyonce does is worth trying.  If even to get a glimmer of her magic.  I kid, I kid.  (not really, she’s honestly a dream)


So for the next month I will be all vegan all the time!  I’ve picked up a few cookbooks (Fresh, The Conscious Cook)  have been checking out a bunch of websites for recipes (JoyusHealth, LunchBoxBunch, OhSheGlows, Goop) and will be posting my favorite recipes after testing them out right here on the blog.



If you’re a vegan and have any tips or recipes, websites, cookbooks that you love, leave me a comment and let me know.  I would love your help on this journey!  I was a vegetarian in High School but since have become a meat eater, but mostly a cheese-a-holic.  Anything that will keep me on track will help!

Also, if you’re not a vegan and want to get in on the action, join me!

Oh and if you need a recipe ASAP I’ve been making this cauliflower soup since I found the recipe last year and I die for it.  It’s so rich and creamy and feels like it’s packed with calories and cream, but not so my friends! HERE




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  1. good luck! looking forward to hearing about it!