lost in translation

I'm headed to Tokyo, Japan next month and I'm over the moon excited.  I've dreamed of going to Japan all of my life -and not only because Lost In Translation is one of my favorite movies everrrr.  My list of must see's is growing by the minute but I wanted to do a quick post to ask for any of your tips on where to go and what to not miss.  I know some of you have been numerous times or might even be there right now and I would love a little insight.

lost in translation

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  1. AA says on

    Hi I just came across your blog from Elle canada and saw this post. I was recently in tokyo for 5 days, so I didn’t get to experience everything I would have liked to, but I loved it there! Go to a Japanese bath house (there are more details about it on the lonely planet website). It’s a very neat way to experience the culture in a non-touristy environment. It was amazing!

    1. Thank you so much!

  2. DO ALL the things. But if you do one thing – do the Robot Restaurant. It’s cray. Only in Japan….

    Here’s everything I ended up blogging about:


    Have fun!