Thursday Thought: Never Stop Learning



I had lunch with a lovely new friend the other day and she reminded me of something:  never stop learning.  She had been retired for quite some time and in a little funk and it took her doing something completely opposite of what she thought she wanted – going back to work – to make her realize that a passion for doing something tangible was what she was truly missing.

Most of you aren’t retiring any time soon but what this talk made me realize is that many times we get caught up in the motions that we forget to include things in our lives that inspire us to grow.  In our over-scheduled, time constrained lives it can be extremely difficult to find time for one more thing but occasionally it takes a little reevaluation of priorities to make the things that matter fit.

For me doing the 30 Day Yoga Challenge gave me some time to think about what part of my life was making me feel a bit empty and I realized that I was feeling a bit stuck and a lot unlike my usual positive self.  So I decided, once again, to go back to school.  I hadn’t been taking classes since I went to NYU a few years back and I was quickly reminded that there’s something about the classroom setting, surrounded by people that are really invested in the subject matter that I find so encouraging.  Knowing that I find it difficult to go out and meet new people, being in a class with like minded people allows me to take down some barriers and open up.  It’s only one class just once a week but I find my interaction with my classmates teaches me something new every single time.

In today’s world where we talk through screens and emote through emoticons it’s nice to find ways to interact with real people, in real time.  The importance of gaining knowledge through perspective, especially a different one, is paramount to having a well rounded and interesting understanding of things.

This Spring let’s get out there and try some new things!  I took a dance class yesterday (I totally can’t dance) but I died laughing and met some cool people. I would even consider making a fool of myself and trying it again.

Maybe it’s traveling alone, or learning how to knit, or garden?  But whatever it is, let me know what you’re thinking of trying and give me a little inspiration for my next little journey.