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The Everything To Do With Sex Show – Win Two Tickets! [contest alert!]

By Coco

ellen von unwerth



Sex.  The most natural thing in the world yet somehow strangely the most taboo…..  We think about it about all the time (maybe some more than others) it fuels our economy, inspires the greatest works of art and literature and most importantly creates those little magical beings we like to call babies.  So naturally, who wouldn’t be curious about sex?  Why to do it, how to do it, how to do it better….  Maybe that’s the reason why the Everything To Do With Sex show is so popular gaining more and more attendance and interest year over year.


Taking place October 24-26th at the Direct Energy Centre the Everything To Do With Sex show is not one to be missed.  As North America’s biggest sex and romance consumer show they cover it all from ‘whether oysters are really an aphrodisiac’ with seminars on food and sex to how to bring 50 Shades of Grey to life, to a real life ‘Cuddle Zone’ for those who just love to snuggle.


Though sex is such a natural human function, it can also be a really tricky one.  But being a big believer in education and exploration, going to an event like this can not only be informative, it can be crazy fun!  You can make it a much needed date night with your love – they even have a package that includes a night’s stay at the Intercontinental hotel – or you can make it a fun girl’s or guy’s adventure.  Plus, you can even get some pretty crazy ideas for Halloween!


Here are the deets:


Who:  The Everything To Do With Sex Show

What: A weekend long convention about, well, sex!

Where: The Direct Energy Centre

When: October 24-26

How: Tickets are for sale now online HERE for $20 for a day pass or $30 for the whole weekend.  They will also be on sale at the door for $20-$35


BUT you can win a pair of tickets from us!  How you ask?  Let us know in a comment what your dream date would be.


Follow Everything To Do With Sex here:

Twitter @the_sex_show and #sexshow

Instagram @the_sex_show


Good luck!





photo by ellen von unwerth


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  1. Iris Andrea says on

    A private cooking class (with wine pairings – both during the class and at dinner of course) followed by dessert on a rooftop with a great view of Toronto!

  2. Lauren says on

    Jetting to Paris for the day to enjoy sightseeing, shopping and amazing food! One can dream 😉

  3. Raz says on

    My dream date would be a romantic date to my fav shoe to go on a shoe spree than a lil private dinner at home all prepared by the hubby. Oh only in my dreams this would happen. Hahahaha.

  4. My dream date would consist of a physical activity (no not that one!) combined with a good meal and great conversation. Let me paint the picture: the sun is shining, not a cloud in sight and the air is warm but not heavy with humidity. We’d start off with a ferry ride to the Toronto Islands where we’d rent some tandem bikes and take a cruise around bike trails. After a nice ride around the Island, we’d share a picnic of sandwiches, cheese and vino all the while taking in the scenery that Toronto has to offer to its offshore residents.

    Oh but a girl can dream.. (and often the universe listens!)

  5. Holly says on

    My dream date would be falling in love at first sight, jumping on an airplane and heading to Vegas, and spending the entire weekend full of excitement and fun in the hotel 😉

  6. sarah says on

    Dream date: pizza, Ghostbusters, make out sesh. Throw in a trip to Rome and poof – life over.

  7. Gigi B says on

    My dream date would be to have my date plan a surprise trip to an unknown location. Once we get there, the rest becomes more organic, we discover the city together, eat an amazing meal at a dope restaurant and stay at an amazing hotel. We come home the next day after this perfect day.