5 Delicious Little Crostinis


Crostini are like little magical bites of heaven.  Though realistically, they’re just a really good way to use your stale bread, they’re delicious and the combinations that you can come up with are endless.  Basically, whatever tastes good on bread, tastes good as a crostini and though I’ve only given you five relatively safe options here – party pleasers, if you will – I challenge you to get a little funky with your toasty bread bites.  Make up your own fun combinations and when you do, please, share them with me!

So here’s how to make 5 delicious crostinis for your next dinner party:

Slice up some day old french bread


Place it on an oven safe pan and drizzle it with some good olive oil and some coarse salt


Bake in the oven at 350 degrees until the bread is nice and toasty.

Top with your fave toppings.  Here are some of mine:




1. Brie and cranberry: slice a piece of brie and put it on the toasted crostini.  Place back in the oven under the broiler and broil until the brie is melted.  Take out of oven and top melted brie with cranberry sauce.


2. Goat cheese and fig: top toasted crostini with a generous dollop of goat cheese.  Slice a few thin pieces of fig and top goat cheese.  Add a drizzle of balsamic reduction and a shake of salt and pepper.  This one also taste excellent with a bit of prosciutto.


3. Blue cheese and pear: melt some blue cheese on your toasted crostini under the broiler.  Top with a few thin slices of pear.  Add a drizzle of honey and a few crushed walnuts to make it extra fancy.


4.  Burrata with basil and roasted tomatoes:  spread some pesto on your crostini then top with a piece of fresh basil, a healthy dollop of burrata, some roasted mini heirloom tomatoes and salt to taste.

(roast tomatoes by tossing in olive oil and salt, placing on a pan and roasting at 350 for around 15-20 mins or until the tomatoes begin to blister)


5. Ricotta and pesto olive oil: smear around a tablespoon of ricotta on your crostini.  Mix some olive oil with some pesto and spoon or pour onto ricotta.

Hope you enjoy!