Jean-Michel Basquiat – Now’s The Time




There has never been an artist that I’ve admired more than Jean-Michel Basquiat. It could be because like me, he was of Haitian descent and his work was largely influenced by his cultural heritage growing up in Brooklyn. I was beyond excited to attend the media preview for Now’s The Time Exhibition at the AGO. This exhibition is the first major showing of his work in Canada and the ONLY North American stop.



Jean-Michel Basquiat, the son of a Haitian father and a Puerto Rican mother, took the New York art scene and the world by storm in the late 70’s and 80’s. A self-taught artist, Basquiat received massive praise over just a few short years but not without initial struggle. At one of Basquiat’s early shows at FUN gallery, not a single painting was sold.  Dealers and collectors thought the $3,000.00 price tag was too hefty.  It is not unusual to see a Basquiat now sell in the millions.  In fact, one of the pieces that didn’t sell for $3,000.00 recently sold for $20,000,000.00.  (more HERE)


Regrettably, Jean-Michel Basquiat passed away at the tender age of 27 but his work and legacy have lived on achieving cult like status 26 years after his death.



Curated by the AGO and art historian Dieter Buchhart, this exhibition showcases over 100 pieces of the brilliant contemporary artist that Basquiat was. The exhibition touches the themes of racism, classism, high art, hip hop, jazz and comics, themes close to Basquiat’s heart. You’ll be transported into the world of this prolific artist through his work and vision.


Jean-Michel Basquiat – Now’s The Time, opens at the AGO on February 7th and runs till May 10th 2015, if you are a lover of Basquiat’s work, a contemporary art lover or want to be introduced to it, I highly recommend this show.

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