How Dove Kept Me Dry & Fly at Fashion Week


As elegant as I’d like to dream I am, there’s one super un-elegant thing about me, I sweat like a maniac. And when I’m nervous (which is pretty much always) pump up that maniac status to ultra maniac…..


So when Dove asked me if I wanted to try out their new Dove Dry Spray under the hot spotlights of Toronto Fashion Week I had to ask them twice if they were sure. They were. You see Dove has been hard at work creating the newest way to stay dry, one that goes on instantly dry for a clean feeling but with the ¼ moisture that we’ve grown to love as Dove’s signature. The spray leaves no visible residue and boasts 48 hour protection. Basically this product packs a punch while still maintaining all of the care we love from Dove products.

Now to put it to the test. My friends know about my sweaty issues so much they have developed code words like: Coco, the rings of fire are out – translation – your tshirt has sweat stains…. So Dove was seriously up for a challenge and to make it even more tricky, I was scheduled to attend the Mackage show IN LEATHER.

dove 2


I got dressed, sprayed myself with my favourite scent out of the group – Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena – and headed out the door with hopes to stay fly and dry.


The tents were chaotic as usual and after a few photos and a few more awkward conversations I was happily surprised that the sweat wasn’t already seeping onto my coveted electric blue leather jacket. I sat through two shows Hayley and Mackage, grabbed drinks with friends after and milled about small talking in between and am happy to announce, stayed totally dry all the way through.

try dry dove


Finding antiperspirant for someone like me is such a struggle. I am so happy that Dove challenged me to #TryDry with their Dry Spray because not only did I stay dry during Fashion Week (not wreaking my leather) but also because I’ve found a new favourite product that I will take on all of my journey’s forcing my friends to find something new to make fun of me about.

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