Taste of Toronto! An Event to Remember!

For those of you who follow my Instagram feed, you may know I had been impatiently waiting for the annual Taste of Toronto event, which took place a couple weeks ago. The multi-day festival brought together some of Toronto’s best chefs, delicious food and unforgettable times with my friends.

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After a busy work week, I gathered some of my best girlfriends for an epic Friday night at Taste of Toronto. Our adventure started off pretty much VIP from the moment we arrived at Taste, thanks to my Amex card, we were whisked away to the priority line and didn’t have to wait in line to get in, sweet! We had a plan, the four of us would divide and conquer and share our good eats in the Amex lounge. I first headed to Shocka’s Coconut Hub for refreshing Coconut water. As I was sipping away, the yummy smell of The Drake’s stand had me running over, coconut in hand for some delicious lamb ribs.

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My girlfriends and I then met in the Amex lounge where we sat, kicked back and shared our yummy Taste of Toronto food finds. Sharing food, laughing and drinking, #ThisMoment was just perfect, take me back!

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Taste of Toronto is one of the many events that Amex Cardmembers get an elevated experience, like hanging out in the lounge, or skipping the line like we did. It’s these perks that make events like Taste of Toronto memorable. But it doesn’t end at Taste of Toronto, explore www.amexinvites.ca and learn more about some of the hottest events this summer, see you there!