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Pumpkin Patchin’!

By Coco


On Sunday my besite Michele and I grabbed our kiddies and headed out to Snyder’s Family Farm for something I hadn’t done probably since I was a kid.  Pumpkin picking!

Snyders Farm SnydersFarm_EFP_6795

Though much farther than we thought it would be, Snyder’s is worth the trip.  Packed with crazy fun things to do with kids (other than the obvious pumpkin picking-which we didn’t do much of) like a bouncy pillow, puppet shows, hay rides, and a corn maze, there’s enough for a full day of ‘farm-tastic fun’.  A tag line I heard repeated a few times…


My little H loves to run and run very fast, so it was actually quite nice to be on an open farm where she could whip around like the wild thing she is without worry of her getting creamed by a car…..  #mylife

Snyders Farm








SnydersFarm SnydersFarm_EFP_7100

Though we only left with a few mini pumpkins, some big lollipop’s and a carving kit, H (and Michele and I) can’t stop talking about how much fun we had at the pumpkin patch! As the weather begins to change it’s nice to remember there are still incredible things that you can do outside with your friends and/or families that can be a surprisingly good time.


Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the big city, breath in the clean air and have some good, clean, country fun!



Stay tuned for a full list of fun stuff to do this Fall & Winter that doesn’t necessarily scream ‘HELP, I MUST ESCAPE THIS COLD WINTER OF HELL.’

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  1. Kay says on

    Great feature, looking forward to reading your list of fun things to do for the fall. As a new mom am trying to find fall/winter activities to not only keep my little one active but to also give me an opportunity to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors.


    1. Awesome! We know what it’s like so we’ve got you! Stay tuned. And congrats on being a new mother!