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Thursday Thought: “What I Wish I Knew About…” – Love

By Coco


At our weekly team meetings our conversations are often centered around what we are inspired by and the issues that affect and matter to us. We have all, at one point or another said to ourselves and others, “If I knew then what I know now” and this sentiment reaches all areas of our lives. Over the next little while, we’ll be sharing a series called “What I Wish I Knew About…”. Today’s Thursday Thought will be dedicated to this series. First up is Martina’s thoughts on what she wished she knew about love.

The first thing I ask myself is, what is my definition of love? Well, love comes in various shapes and sizes. Love is a feeling deep within you, love is an emotional expression, love encompasses passion, love is a process, love is a journey, love can be tarnished, but all in all love is a beautiful thing and it is so important to believe in love.

Although I try and pinpoint exactly what love is I know there isn’t one singular answer. But what I do know is that there are a few things that I wish my younger self knew about love and maybe a few tips that my older self can internalize.

1. Love comes in various shapes and sizes.
You can never underestimate love. Love can be as simple as admiring your favorite piece of art, to the love you hold for your family or a counterpart. No matter how big or how small, love will always be present in your life.

2. You have to love yourself first.

Self love is so important! Once you learn to truly and genuinely love yourself, you can let love in. Loving yourself may not always come easy, but when you let love into your own heart and soul, it allows emanating that love to mean so much more.

3. Love isn’t easy.

Love isn’t just handed to you. Sometimes it takes years to build and sometimes it could simply even take a few days. Be sure to build a healthy structure and stable ground work in order to support the growth of love.

4. There is a difference between loving someone and being in love with someone.

When you love someone you care for them. Sometimes you can love someone deeply and wholeheartedly but it doesn’t mean that you are in love with them. Just know that there is always a chance to reignite the spark of being “in love” if those butterfly feelings wear off.

5. Love must be pure of heart.

Love cannot be forced, it has to come from deep within. It should be the driving force within you, that you feel in your core, fuelling your heart beat.

What are your thoughts on love? We would love the hear them. If you have any tips on understanding love, send them our way!




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  1. Noe Victoria says on

    So true that live comes in various shapes and sizes. Love is such an important aspect of our lives. I think that sometimes people underestimate the power of love. A lot of what we learn in life and what helps us to grow as a person and mature we can attribute to love- love felt, love lost, etc. It helps to shape us and make us into who we are – for better or worse.