Thursday Thought: Dating- Girls, Will You Ask a Guy Out?


Call me old school, because a part of my soul is old; it is of a time where men courted women on their front porches with permission from the parents of the girl (this is what my mother told me used to happen). I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t a hopeless romantic and still believe in the idea of chivalry regardless of the year we are in and the idea of being courted still appeals to me. I do however understand that times today are very different and with apps that allow you to connect with other in less than 5 seconds, the dating game has changed completely.

Conversations now happen in 150 characters or less and relationships grow from likes and subsequent following on Instagram. While I am a part of this world, a part of me still longs for something that precedes all the dating apps.

Regardless of the method, someone has to take the initial step and usually, for the most part- it is the guy. And, I have to say this- I commend you guys, who really truly try to say hello to a woman. It is hard! I’ve told my friends time and time again that I would not want to be a guy simply based on the fact that they put themselves out there ALL THE TIME and many times, get turned down. I speak for myself when I say that I am not scared to say hello but to ask someone out is a completely different story. I can (believe it or not) become extremely shy and awkward and I avoid these situations completely.

So I pose the question to you ladies, will you ask a guy out?
Or will you wait for a guy to ask you out?

What are your thoughts on dating today?

I would love to continue this conversation so feel free to comment and let me know.


-karen michelle//.