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Apps We Love: PackPoint!

By Elaine Fancy

pack point

Skip the struggle of laying everything on the bed before packing. Go directly from closet to bag with this app. PackPoint is by far the best travel app for packing your suitcase depending on the nature of your trip. * They even lighten the load if you know you’ll be doing laundry!

pack point

First, state where you’ll be and for how long, and whether you are traveling for business or pleasure. With this information, PackPoint will automatically generate a checklist according to the weather during your stay. I just recently visited Miami for ArtBasel, and little did some of my friends know that a heavy rain storm was ahead, but thanks to PackPoint, I packed a raincoat just in case.


The steps are easy, trust me. Once you’ve selected your purpose and place, the app asks you what type of activities you may be doing while away. From swimming to gym, photography to fancy dinners, the app will let you know how many of each you’ll be needing during your stay.

Oh and for you mothers our there, it even asks you if you’re bringing your child! (Don’t forget to pack the diapers, ladies…)


Sometimes it’s the smallest essentials we forget, for example chapstick and birth control, or those ear plugs for the trips you find yourself squeezed between to snorers on a night flight.


By far my favorite feature with this app is that, whether traveling for business or pleasure, PackPoint lets you know that not only do you need casual kicks, but a nice pair of Oxfords or pumps for those formal nights out are just as important.


In conclusion, with PackPoint I can guarantee you one thing – you’ll never doubt your packing skills ever again!



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