Thursday Thought: Breaking Up With Friends

Group Of Friends Having Fun Together Outdoors

This is not an easy subject to write talk about, much less address…

There are friendships that last a lifetime, literally- you know, the friends you’ve had since elementary school who are more family than friends. There are friendships where you drift apart because let’s face it, life gets busy and 24 hours seems to go by in the blink of an eye. Then, there are friends who … after some time, have no place in your life but are still there because you’ve been friends for so long. That sounds a little harsh I know, but sometimes you outgrow people- you want different things and your objectives in life are as opposite as night and day and that is ok, it’s life, it happens… that’s my point

But, regardless of that, knowing when or even how to end a friendship is so hard.

A few questions that might help you determine whether someone should stay in your life or not are the following:

  1. Does this friend make you better?
  2. Does this friend support or encourage you?
  3. Is this friend there for you when you need them?

I know these question may seem so simple but friendships really should be simple- after all- you pick who you want in your life and usually you pick people who besides having similar interests or view points, are the friends who you can answer yes to to the questions above. But when you can’t, what do you do next?

Divert your attention and time to friends who you feel are worth it- Spend time doing things you love! Have you wanted to take a dance class? Go! Always wanted to learn how to decorate your own cake with fondant, go!  You may meet new friends along the way and guess what, they’ll like doing the same things!

So like the saying goes, where one door closes another opens!


-karen michelle//.