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Top 5 Tutoring Services

By Coco

TORONTO, ON - DECEMBER 7 - Kate Murray (right), the owner of Mathnasium, works with Laura on an individual learning math plan on December 7, 2015. For story on new education survey that shows more parents than ever are hiring tutors for their kids. Mathnasium is a relatively new franchise in Toronto, helping kids with what most find the toughest subject. Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star

Over the Easter weekend, while at the farm with my family, my cousin Monica had homework to do. She was having some difficulty with it, so I helped her. I was taken back to my childhood and remembered the anxiety I often faced when I didn’t know how to do something. I also had a lot of pride, so admitting to not knowing how to do my homework was something I was not familiar with. I always found a way (thank you google) but, like myself, many children face the same fears. Luckily, there are some amazing educational and tutoring services offered in and around Toronto to help your children with their homework.

Here are the top 5 tutoring services offered in Toronto:

Oxford Learning

With customized tutoring programs designed to move at your child’s pace, Oxford learning offers tutoring for Math, English, French or science and they also offer tutoring for all age groups. Oxford learning is a reputable tutoring institution whose success comes from their interest in helping children and young adults learn in a way that works for them.

The Math Guru 

The Math Guru knows how hard Math and Science can be, so Vanessa (the founder and director) has made it her mission to teach and tutor children in a way that makes them fall in love with these subjects. The math guru teaches children a new way of approaching mathematics and their fears and anxieties disappear and instead, turn into excitement and happiness.


Confidence. Learning and Success is what drives this tutoring institution. Prepatorium programs and teaching practices are designed to support independent schools and the Ontario curriculum. From the homework club to test preparation, Prepatorium covers all areas from Jk to grade 12.

Teachers On Call

This 30 year old service is dedicated to helping students achieve success in school and life. Catering to over 15 locations, teachers on call offer personalized in-home tutoring with one on one support that offers children the opportunity to get all the help they need.

Sylvan Learning

Their approach to learning involves four steps to achieving success: Asses, plan, teach and apply. Sylvan tutors also teach interactive lessons through iPads, allowing children to learn and engage with technology- they feel this approach is much more personal and fun.


There are so many great tutoring institutions in and around Toronto that can help your child with their homework and subjects they may me struggling with. Apart from the amazing tutoring services, children learn to engage with technology and learn skills that they can then utilize outside of the classroom.

Are there any institutions you’ve used for your children that you’ve loved?

We’d love to know!

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