Motivation Monday: Speed Runs With Nike


Since Spring is alternating between springing and hiding behind Winter’s ugly wrath, we thought it was time for us to get back out there running the roads.  We can’t spend one more day in hibernation!

One of the best ways to push yourself to the finish line faster is with speed training.  To begin to limber ourselves up and start achieving some of those PB’s we teamed up with Nike to test out their newest and most innovative gear to get us moving better, faster, stronger!  #kanyevoice


We started with a quick 3k warm up which got our muscles, tendons and ligaments all nice and ready for some sprints.

To keep it simple we went to our local park and sprinted one length of the park and then jogged back.  We did that 10 times and not only felt pumped but pretty winded!  (It’s been a long winter off running….. ahem)


Speed training is not only amazing for building your cardio strength but also for shaving seconds off your time.


We wore Nike’s Power Speed tights that feel great and also look cool – we all felt far more professional athlete than novice runner while sporting them around town.


We also wore the Hyper Shield Light Running Jacket that kept us surprisingly warm on the super windy day that we decided to run on.


And finally the shoes, we wore the Lunar Glides which are a neutral ride AKA super comfy with lightweight support and soft cushioning (and they’re on sale!)


We had so much fun we’re thinking of bringing back the good old #CCRUNCREW!  If you’re interested in joining us for a weekly run leave a comment and let us know what days work for you.