Happy Weekend!!!

Happy Weekened

Ok. This first link has me … a little bit worried. Texting, while at the movies, in my opinion, is a NO! (…right?) Check out this link and the rest of our favourite links this week!

So If You’re Saying We Can Text At The Movies Now…

Kobe Bryant’s Final NBA Game Was Emotional, Incredible, And Very, Very Kobe

F*ck Your Pre-Mom Everything! 

The Best Closet Organization Tips From Real Women 

The Best Answer To The Question, ‘What Are Your Salary Requirements?” 

In One Minute, President Obama Sums Up What We Need To Know About Global Pollution

The Secret To Learning A Foreign Language As An Adult 

A Brief Oral History Of Modern Street Style 

Classic Croque- Madame 

What Not To Wear At Coachella: 10 Things To Nix To Avoid Being Cliche 


P.s The sun is finally out and the weather is getting better!!! Waahhoooooo

Have an amazing weekend


Karen Michelle//.