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Motivation Monday: Spokehaüs x Adidas By Stella McCartney

By Coco



Coco lovesssss spinning! I on the other hand…  not so much. I have avoided it for a very long time! That was until recently, when Catriona suggested that we check out Spokehaüs (the newest spin gym) for our next Motivation Monday. Being team players and never backing down from a challenge, we all said yes!



Spokehaüs, the newest Spinhaüs, (brushes my shoulder off…lol) located at 70 Dan Leckie Way, hosted the Coco and Cowe team to our own private spin class. Upon entering the most gorgeous space with floor to ceiling windows, you are greeted by a beautiful smile and a quote that says, “Music is a safe kind of high”. The minimalism of the space offers you clarity and sets the mood for what will be and what was, one of the best spin classes I have ever had.

Dressed head to toe in Adidas by Stella McCartney wearing Performance Three-Quarter Tights  that are made in more sustainable ways and Studio Zebra Three-Quarter Tights that keep you cool and dry along with Performance Tanks and T-shirts, we were suited perfectly for the workout we did! Anddddd, we can’t forget what I have to admit, are the COMFIEST shoes I have EVER worn -the Adidas Women’s Ultra Boosts.



The lights were lowered, candles were lit and Christine took us on an insane dancing ride. Within minutes, our hearts were pumping and we literally out of our “saddles” (bike seats) dancing to Beyonce. Can you imagine a better workout? I never thought I’d say it, but it really was one of my favourite workouts to date.

In 45 minutes, we burned up to 750 calories dancing and riding… how insane?

If this sounds like your type of workout, make sure to visit Spokehaus and tell them Coco and Cowe sent you!

Happy Monday!


Karen Michelle//.


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