A Spring Cleaning with Gee Beauty




I’m not the best at keeping up a strict beauty regime, but at the beginning of every season I always make sure to get a facial.  Though I know I should probably do it more often, I find even just this is a great start and gets me refocused on my skin.  I love GEE Beauty for not only their amazing products, knowledge, and gorgeous space but especially for all of their cutting edge technology.  Yes, these ladies are skin care obsessed (they know everything!) and that makes them just the spot to get you ready for the summer season.

If you don’t already know, or have missed the previous posts where I’ve obsessed over them, GEE Beauty is an ultra modern makeup, brow and skin care studio. Co-founded by mother daughter team, Miriam and Natalie Gee and directed by sisters Celine & Stephanie Gee this spot is literally the coolest.  I can’t walk out of there sad or without a bag full of the hottest goodies.  The GEE beauty girls have literally cornered the market on effortlessly chic beauty.

I recently went to scrub off my winter scales and did the Medi Multi Supreme Facial and all I can say is, wow.  I was not only glowing, my face felt incredible!  My esthetician walked me through the entire process, complete with a post care package and written instructions on how to take care of my skin going forward.  This is absolutely key for me as I swear I have beauty regime amnesia.

I had a chat with Stephanie Gee about everything beauty and facials.  Check it out below:




Why should someone get a facial at the beginning of a new season?

Just like our wardrobe, the change in season is like a transition and rejuvenation. Particularly from winter to spring, we shed layers – we want to remove dead skin, stimulate cell renewal for brighter, newer and fresher skin!


What are your favourite beauty products for summer?
My favorite beauty products for summer are: Skin Ceuticals CE Ferulic for ultimate  sun prevention and repair, Goldfaden MD Sun Visor SPF 30 – all natural sunscreen created by Dr. Goldfaden, a dermatologist in Miami, it’s light, easy, oil-free, great for kids, Gee Beauty Tinted Power Primer – smooths skintone, gives the perfect glow and is so light on the skin, Gee Beauty Pink Balm – soft pink tinted lip balm with spf 15 and a hydra-balm in the center to hydrate and protect, Skin Ceuticals AOX Eye Gel – contains two ingredients: caffeine and vitamin C which works together tighten and brighten the eyes, and Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence – beautiful mist to cool, calm and hydrate skin, can be applied AM/PM/post workout, post swim and gives the perfect dewy glow!



What is your favourite treatment?
My favorite treatment at Gee Beauty is the Medi Multi Supreme Facial. This facial is the ultimate form of combo therapy to brighten, tighten, correct and hydrate! It incorporates Micro to lightly buff dead skin (from makeup, pollution, sweat), IPL (Intense Light Therapy) to lift pigmentation and tighten pores, series of masks to detox, brighten and calm the skin and Intraceuticals Oxygen for ultimate skin rejuvenation!




What is the hottest treatment for the skin right now?  What’s trending?
The hottest treatment for skin right now is derma-rolling, which is incorporated in our Age-Less Facial. Derma-rolling works to lightly puncture the skin, forcing the skin to produce more of it’s own natural collagen! It also enables your skincare products to penetrate deeper into the skin therefore making them more effective! Derma-rolling can be done once a month for optimal results
Thank you so much to the ladies at GEE for teaching me so much about my skin that I didn’t know.
If you’re looking to get your skin summer ready, check them out HERE!