Mr. Cowe Gets The Presidential Treatment

The White House



Dear Mr. President,


It’s time you shed some light on a growing global concern associated with men’s grooming. Men around the world need to know about the services offered by The White House Inc. so they too can receive the same presidential treatment as you. If you don’t comply by end of day I’ll be forced to share the secret with the world…



Mr. Cowe

So you want in on the big secret? We all know the White House is located in Washington, however did you know they have an office located at 598 Richmond Street West in Toronto?! I recently had the opportunity to visit The White House Inc. – the hottest, and newest salon in the heart of Queen and King West. From the moment I walked in, the service and treatment was no less than presidential.


As you walk up to the all ‘White House’ on Richmond Street West you know you’ve made it to the right place! You enter through the front door that reads “Office of the President’, and you are immediately welcomed by warm smiles and greetings from the stylists- you can’t help but feel like you belong.

I met with my stylist and barber Jourdan, who was super cool! He took my jacket, and offered me a drink; and by drink, I don’t mean the usual espresso or water- The White House makes your day that much more rewarding by offering their clients premium bar cart service from Cointreau’s Rickey to a glass of their finest Remy Martin.

TWH Barcart Offering

As I sit in my chair, Jourdan chats me up about the salon, gets to know me and studies my style, all before consulting on my hair and new style I’d like to go with. Throughout the consultation process Jourdan was very thorough and made some great points about the type of hair I had and the direction he suggested I take. A personal touch that didn’t go unnoticed.

As Jourdan prepares for the cut, a black cape bearing the presidential seal covers me, bringing a slight smile to my face to see. As he begins cutting, his precision and attention to detail is clear, something I highly value. No guy wants to have their hair cut by someone who’s doing a quick chop.. right guys? Guys actually care a lot about their hair, more than they would like to admit. We don’t talk about our hair the same way girl’s do, it’s a pretty private thing but fun enough because we can go on forever about the new kicks we just got and the pair we’re getting next week!  Men’s hairstyles have evolved so much over the past 10 years. Guys are now paying more attention to the style, cut, and tailoring the same way they’d have their suit tailored – it all matters.


Rob L  

While cutting and fading my hair, Jourdan went out of his way to educate me on trends in men’s hairstyles as well as some tricks of the trade in terms of how he was performing the cut and fade. Next was everyone’s favorite part- the wash! Seriously, who doesn’t love a head massage and having your hair washed. For me, it’s always been my fondest memory while getting haircuts as a kid. That, and the awkward look in the mirror after your cut, to discover your old Italian barber has given you a bowl cut. Thankfully the past is behind us! Jourdan brings me back to the chair and completes the cut with texturizing touch ups followed by styling my hair.

Check out the finished result below, what do you think?


I can’t wait to go back for my next appointment.


Want in? Tell them Mr. Cowe sent you…


// Rob Losch



Photos by: E.Fancy