Best Way To Start The Day – Treadmill HITT

I am not the best morning person but my life gives me no dang choice but to get up at the crack of dawn.  Because of that I love to shake off the sleeps with a cardio blast.  Lonie from Eat Train Live got me hip to this killer combination and not only is it a great way to start my day full of endorphins, when teamed up with a clean eating plan it also helps to shed pounds.

I like to do this particular Treadmill HITT fasted, AKA before I eat anything.  I find it helps to get me going and also with digestion.

Wanna try?  Here’s a downloadable PDF that you can print off and put on your treadmill to follow along until you’ve done it enough to have it memorized.


Coco HITT Treadmill

Happy training!

PS interested in clean eating without the stress of meal prep?  Check out Eat Train Live