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By KarenMichelle


All want right now is to be in a pool, preferably in Barcelona, Spain with my closest friends and family with no care in the world. Since that is not my current reality, I’ll leave you with some of our favourite links that have me daydreaming about the most beautiful pools.

All I Want Right Now

What To Wear When It’s Hot AF Outside

Toronto Fashion Week Is Cancelled

Why “We’re Just Friends” Is Often A Lie 

The CN Tower Could Be Torn Down Because It’s Not Valuable Enough

How An Interior Decorator Turned Her Creepy Basement Into A Sunny Family 

How To Do Anything

A Funny Way To Fall Asleep

Elie Saab: Fall 2016

I Tried All The Weird Stuff The Kardashians Promote On Instagram


Have a lovely weekend, friends


Karen Michelle//.




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