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Motivation Monday: Indoor Cycling At TORQ

By KarenMichelle




The newest indoor cycling spot, TORQ, located at 978 Queen Street East is not your regular spin house. They are, what they call themselves, an indoor cycling facility where riders use TORQ bikes that are different than the ones you are normally accustomed to.





These bikes have up-to-date technology that log your performance from beginning to end and you are encouraged to beat your PB’s (personal bests) pushing you just a little harder throughout your ride. What makes this bike so interesting and different is the TORQ stick that alters your riding completely. Regular spin bikes have a dial that you turn to the right to add resistance and left to release it- everyone works at different resistances. With the TORQ stick, adjusting it to the centre and subsequently to the right, adds the same tension for everyone ensuring that the ride and the intensity is the same (no cheating allowed lol)





Our workout is maximized and made comfortable thanks to our Adidas gear. Wearing Adidas Climalite outfits, our sweat is kept off our bodies making for a very comfortable and enjoyable cycling sesh. We were also able to wear our own shoes, and the Adidas Pure Boost (my favourite shoe!) were perfect. They are lightweight, offer great support and allow the feet to have natural movement while keeping them snug.



The TORQ ride was fun! Our instuctor kept us focused, kept us moving and kept us pushing!


If you’re looking to switch up your spin routine, indoor cycling at TORQ is a must.


Happy Monday!


Karen Michelle//.


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