Coco & Cowe Confectionary: A Heavenly Collab With Fancy Pufs

At Maison Coco & Cowe we are always plotting and scheming to come up with the prettiest, most tasteful, intriguiging and outside of the box creative concepts. Sometimes it is necessary to step out of your comfort zone and push the boundaries in order to create amazing content. What better way to style a creative, fancy and fun inspiration shoot with us, Coco & Cowe Confectionary the sweet treat connoisseurs, and Fancy Pufs, the organic cotton candy experts!


As you may or may not know Confectionary is a branch of Coco & Cowe that caters to all of your sweet treat needs, whether it be a party, special event, wedding or corporate gifting, etc. We produce finest quality sweets like no other, such as gourmet ice cream sandwiches, ice pops, custom donuts, cookies, etc. So, we thought, what better way to spruce up our creativity than with a super sweet and heavenly collaboration with another amazing event expert in the city.

Fancy Pufs specializes in organic cotton candy making and is the right touch to spruce up one’s party or special event! Better yet, what fancier way is there to serve cotton candy out of, than a beautiful pram? It is simply genius, and together we were able to push the boundaries creatively and marvel the realm of sweet treats by mixing our gourmet donuts with their organic cotton candy!


Have you thought outside of the box lately? Want to collab? Let us know.