National Coffee Day With A Twist


It’s National Coffee Day and though I could wax on poetically about all of the various ways I adore the little brown bean, I thought today I might share my favourite after dinner treat stolen directly from my favourite cafes in Italy, Afogato.



Oh, Affogato, how I love you so!  I don’t typically do dessert but it’s always nice to cap off a meal with a little something sweet and Affogato is just that.  Now what is this mysterious concoction that makes you sound pretty darn cool when you’re saying it?  Well it’s simply hot espresso poured over cold gelato or ice cream.  Because my tummy isn’t the biggest fan of dairy I recently tried it out with my fave dairy free version of ice cream – Coconut Bliss – and it was incredible!

So how do you make this delicious concoction?  Super simple:

Scoop your fave ice cream (or ice cream alternative) into an espresso cup, or small mug.  Top it with some espresso and enjoy!  I like to serve it with a little spoon to enjoy the melting ice cream before it completely dissolves.








Happy National Coffee Day!!