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Motivation Monday: Track Fitness

By Coco



While I wish I was always filled with energy and amped for crushing a workout, the reality is, that sometimes, I would rather curl up into a ball and do nothing.

Luckily, I work with someone who is motivated when I am not, and is always looking for a new challenge or killing challenges – like she did recently with a 10 day challenge at Track Fitness



Track Fitness, a fitness staple in the heart of the forest hill village offers bootcamp, boxercise, spinning, barre and even a class that involves a machine (the ClimbMax) that many refer to as, the ‘death machine’ (I will one day summon up the courage to take that class)




Our trainer, Anthony (a former olympian!) took us through a workout that focused primarily on our lower half and let me tell you, I was dyingggg just a little- my legs felt like jello!



We alternated between jump squats with medicine balls, jump lunges, step ups and weighted squats that got our lower halves burning.




I went into this workout feeling sluggish and left feeling amazing! Thank you to Anthony for an incredible workout and for getting my energy up and my legs a lot stronger!


If you’re looking for a dose of energy, that no amount of coffee can give you- make sure to visit Track Fitness for a killer workout


Happy Monday!


Karen Michelle//.

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