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Tis The Season To Give Back with Sistering!

By Coco

Sistering -Photo by Jenna Wakani

During this time of year, we can’t help but count our blessings.  With all that’s going on in the world, we’re grateful for our warm homes, loving families, fulfilling jobs and peaceful country.  When we got thinking about what we could do to give back to the community that gives us so much, we remembered our favourite non-profit, Sistering, and called them up to ask how we could be of service.

Sistering -Photo by Jenna Wakani

Sistering—an organization that offers support (both practical and emotional) to homeless, abused, at risk, and transient women—is one very dear to our hearts for the incredible work they do.  When they answered our call, they said they needed necessities for their women (toiletries, clothing) and help preparing their holiday meal.

We took on the task, full-force.  We called out to our communities on our social channels and, with the help of our friends (Sasha Exeter, Jennifer Lau, Simoom, Raz Kassam Ally, Meghan Yuri Young), we were able to collect an incredible amount of gently worn clothing, shoes and jackets – I’m talking 3 large SUVs full!  We were also able to collect a ton of necessities for the women, like shampoo, soap, blankets and organic tampons and pads from our friends at Four Seasons Hotel Toronto, MacIntyre Communications, ROI and Easy Period. We gathered up the items and made care packages for the ladies so they would have gifts around this holiday season.

Sistering -Photo by Jenna Wakani

Sistering -Photo by Jenna Wakani

Sistering -Photo by Jenna Wakani

Every year, Sistering has a Holiday Meal, served both at lunch and dinner.  This meal is the real deal, all prepared from scratch and actually delicious.  The selfless volunteers and staff serve over 400 women in one day and knowing the lovely ladies in the kitchen could use an extra hand, the Halo, Coco and Cowe and Easy teams suited up in our joggers and got to work on prepping the meal.  We chopped hundreds of veggies, sliced 30 turkeys, made stuffing and sliced and served some delicious pumpkin pie.

Sistering -Photo by Jenna Wakani

Sistering -Photo by Jenna Wakani

We left the staff after 5 hours of prep work and were in shock and awe knowing they would remain for at least another 4 hours continuing to cook for the next wave of women coming in for dinner service.

We had our staff holiday party that same night, and as we celebrated, we couldn’t help but reflect on our day at Sistering.  We all mentioned that there were many parts of the day when we had to hold back tears.  Tears not only at the overwhelming need in our own city, but also tears of happiness and joy at the inspiring women we were surrounded by who work day in and day out in the service of others.

Muhammad Ali famously said:

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”

These words rang so true for all of us.  Giving up some time and sweat to Sistering was a humbling experience that we are all so grateful to have had.

For more information on Sistering and to find out how you can help click HERE.




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