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Why I Got Rid Of My Instagram Account

By Jane Hobson

Let’s start the story with full disclosure: I was creeping my ex-bf’s new gf’s Instagram profile when I accidentally liked one of her photos (oh c’mon, we’ve all done it!). After that tragic event occurred, I decided it was time to put all my Insta-stress to bed and get rid of my Instagram account.

I’ve been Instagram-sober for two months, and I must tell you, it feels great. If you’re wondering why, I deleted my Instagram for a few reasons (not just the accidental liking fiasco).

I took a hit to my self-esteem

The fact that I stressed that much about liking a stranger’s photo indicated that I was pretty obsessed with what people thought of me. Even people I don’t know. Furthermore, people I shouldn’t know. I know I don’t need to look like those curvy and tanned Insta-famous babes, but constantly flooding my brain with their images was hurting how I thought about myself. I felt unattractive, lame and just less successful because I didn’t have as many likes or followers.

Here’s a tip: if you feel crappy about yourself after scrolling your Insta feed but don’t want to delete your account, unfollow or block the users that make you feel bad. You’re allowed to tailor your Instagram following to fulfill the things you need and to neglect the things you don’t.

It was a waste of time

The second thing I want to talk about is how much time I wasted scrolling through it. In the time I spent either on the app itself or trying to create the perfect Instagram-able moment, I missed out on a lot of what was actually happening in front of me IRL.

I needed privacy

I moved to this wonderful new city at the end of last year and realized I wanted – no, needed – more privacy. I stopped wanting to share what was up at every turn because honestly, what was lurking behind each corner wasn’t always pretty. I didn’t feel honest posting only the good things. This led me to realize something very important…

The results

The majority of the Instagram world is false. Once I deleted it, the whole concept of Instagram – and its side effects – dissolved pretty quickly. I am confident. It’s a treat to sit back and enjoy life without worrying about the best way to capture and share it. I have regained a sense of anonymity that is very refreshing. I am more creative. I am less judgmental of others and myself.

Sure, sometimes I beg for a quick scroll through Kylie’s profile (is she pregnant??) like someone bumming a cigarette outside the bar (“I only Instagram when I’m drinking” said no one ever), but otherwise, leaving Instagram has truly been liberating.

Keep in mind, this is a hiatus. I simply pressed pause and I’m allowed to change my mind at any moment. In fact, I may reappear on an Insta feed near you soon. Just remember it’s okay to take a break. Your life is about YOU – so free yourself from things that distance you from your happiness and return when you feel ready.

Have you taken a social media hiatus lately? Let us know how in the comments!



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  1. Kalyn says on

    I LOVE this.. I recently deactivated my Facebook and it was crazy how freeing it felt! I think everyone should take a little break when they aren’t feeling great! Lofe is totally about living!!

  2. mary clare says on

    Wow! What an education for this old gal! I had no idea about the stresses involved in instagram use for the younger set! I don’t blame u for taking a hiatus!
    So maybe a word about why I LOVE Insta! I have kids, grands and greats, in laws and other family members all across Canada. I use Insta for keeping in touch with everyone, seeing pics of their trips, their kids, their ups and downs: even their weather and other atmospheric situations. The whole family can share and commiserate or congratulate.
    So I guess it depends what use Insta for and what it gives back to you!
    Let’s hope that u, Jane, get back on board!

  3. Claire says on

    I also deleted my Instagram account recently…and I feel GREAT!
    I find I’m so much more productive at work and also spending REAL time with people rather than scrolling through and creeping people I don’t actually care about in my spare time! If you’re the type of person who likes to challenge yourself and you really are addicted to Insta…I suggest you take a hiatus- its so freeing.