Welcome to Coco & Cowe!  A lifestyle blog that focuses on everything that Coco and her company of contributors obsess over; travel, fashion, design, beauty products and living a fun, positive life.  Coco & Cowe strives to be an escape for its readers and writers alike, with a positive edge that lives on the intersection of Candyland Ave and Neverland Blvd. The team understands that although not everything is champagne and cupcakes, the world would be a much nicer place if people used their rose coloured glasses a little more often.

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Meet our founder


Coco & Cowe is a lifestyle blog focusing on food, travel, design, fitness, fashion & beauty. Whilst being a mom to a 4 year old daughter, Catriona is an on-the-go entrepreneur who prides herself in creating content with a perfect balance between everything that is beautiful and uplifting & everything that is relevant and thought-provoking.

  • Sarah

    A lawyer by day and foodie by night, Sarah lives to try out new recipes, match them with the perfect cocktail and enjoy it with friends.

  • DJ PPlus

    PPlus is a multitalented creative force. An award winning DJ, a cinematographer and photographer, PPlus’ clear vision and attention to detail allows him to create beauty in every field. Since collaborating with Catriona on a few projects the two discovered a shared passion for creating quality digital content and their partnership has grown to PPlus joining the Coco & Cowe team as Artistic Director.

  • Trang Be

    A self-aware shopping addict, constant book-reader, and diligent meal-prepper. Ask Trang to feng shui your Instagram flatlay or talk about The Lord of the Rings, and you’ve essentially guaranteed her friendship.

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