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If you follow our instagram you know that we’ve ventured into the ice cream/ ice pop business with our first little dickee dee cart.  We’ve been hard at work in the test phase this month and have had a really great response.   Thank you to all of you who have tracked us down and tried us out and to all of you who this is news to, stay tuned for more info.

Oh and if you haven’t entered our Reactine ‘end of summer’ contest, DO IT!  Who doesn’t want a GC to Shopper’s for $100?

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Nothing leads to more knowledge and growth than curiosity.  I challenge myself to constantly stay curious and open.

Let’s stay curious my friends.




Thursday Thought: The Real Questions We Should Be Asking About The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge




This past week our timelines have been flooded with several people throwing buckets of freezing cold water over their heads in support of ALS which stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). It is a rapidly progressive, neuromuscular disease that attacks the motor neurons that transmit electrical impulses from the brain to the voluntary muscles in the body. When they fail to receive messages, the muscles lose strength, atrophy and die.

The average life expectancy after diagnosis is between three to five years and everyone is at risk of getting this disease; no matter what gender, race, age or ethnicity.

As the videos on my Instagram and Facebook become more frequent, I am very intrigued, not so much by the action, but by the reasons why people are doing it. Social media has a great way of spreading a wave of trends across the globe. It is such a powerful force and because of its power we often lose sight of the core mission and vision.

But lately, I’ve been thinking, “I love these videos. They are spreading awareness and highly entertaining in some regards, but…”

:: How many people even know what ALS means ::

:: How many people are actually donating to the cause ::

:: How many are uploading a video just for likes and laughs ::

I was challenged yesterday by my friend Jeff King and to be honest, I don’t even know how I really feel about it. Yeah, of course, I could go through with it and add to the height of excitement or perhaps it’s a reality check that I should get off my ass, do some research and learn more about an illness I know nothing about. Because there are people who are really suffering with ALS and it isn’t something to laugh at. A bucket of ice water thrown onto my body will not help me to understand, even the slightest bit, what an ALS victim realistically goes through. But then I came across this emotional video created by Anthony Carbajal.

I praise him for doing this. Yes, his story is heartbreaking, but it is raw and real. If you didn’t know much about ALS, you do now and now that you know better, girlfriend let’s do better. The ice bucket challenge isn’t my thing, maybe it’s yours, I don’t know and I’m not judging you, but what’s most important is what you choose to do afterwards. Someone started a YouCaring page for Anthony, if you want to donate to him, go ahead and click here or if you are interested in learning more about ALS here and donate here.

Smart women make power moves; let your next move benefit someone else.

Peace & Love,


How Not To Let Allergies Ruin The Last Days of Summer (+Contest To Win $100 GC To Shoppers!)




I can’t think of much that’s sadder than the end of summer. Well maybe one thing, suffering with insane allergies during those last days of the season that makes Canada worth living in. Nothing ruins a warm, breezy, summer night like a fit of sneezes and a runny, itchy nose…

Unfortunately for me and I’m sure a bunch of you, Ragweed, that nasty little pollen that releases 1 billion grains per season, per plant, is not only prevalent in Canada but the worst in Ontario; with Manitoba and Quebec coming in a close second and third. And the end of summer is when Ragweed is at its peak.

Itchy, watery eyes. Hives, allergic skin itch, sneezing, runny and itchy noses are just some of the symptoms of Ragweed allergies. Thankfully for us weary sufferers, REACTINE® is here.   REACTINE® can start to work in 20 minutes and provides you with freedom from your allergy symptoms for up to 24 hours. More than one reason why REACTINE® is the doctor and pharmacist number 1 recommended over-the-counter allergy relief brand.

Because we know if you also suffer from allergies you want relief, like now, we’ve teamed up with REACTINE® for a fun contest. We want to give one lucky reader a $100 gift card to our fave place to drain our bank accounts, Shoppers (I can never leave there without spending a serious amount of money). You can use the gift card to stock up on some REACTINE® and a few other fun treats for yourself. Maybe some pretty new lippy? Or a whack load of nail polish? Or basically whatever your little heart desires.

How to enter, you ask? Leave a comment telling us what you’re going to miss most about summer and BAM! You’re entered to win a sweet $100 gift card from Shopper’s Drug Mart!

(open to Canadian residents only… sorry)

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This post was sponsored by the makers of REACTINE®. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

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