Introducing Mr. Cowe And Our First Male Contributor, Sopearin!



We have for a while now been dabbling with the idea of a counterpart to Coco and Cowe and it has finally come to fruition. We are so excited to announce Mr. Cowe!- an area of the blog where all mens lifestyle related subjects will come to life!

We want to introduce our first male contributor, Sopearin (Sope, pronounced soap), a fitness expert and fashion enthusiast.


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FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out


An ailment of the fun-time cortex, FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out is real.


I’m a seeker, a dreamer, a creative that wants to take it all in and shake it all out. Since I was a little Smart, though shy and as quiet as a mute, I always wanted to be involved. Following my brother around like a lost dog looking for food, I refused staying home with my little sister to watch cartoons, I wanted to pretend like I knew what was going on with Magnum PI and stay out until the street lights came on driving around in my tricycle that I nicknamed KIT like the talking car on said show because I wanted them to know I knew what’s up, I was down.  I didn’t want to miss a minute.

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Daily Dose



Have an amazing Wednesday!



Travel Tuesday: Copenhagen



As a dedicated Scandi-phile, I was delighted to find myself in Denmark’s capital for a few days recently. There is much to love about Copenhagen and here are my 5 fave things to see and do in the fun, hipster-y Vesterbo area:


First things first: Rent a bike! It costs next to nothing (about $10 a day), is a great way to cover a lot of ground in this picturesque city – plus you’ll fit right in with the locals who overwhelmingly choose to cycle around town in their spacious bike lanes. I ended up wandering into Bike CPH, a few blocks from the central train station, and was helped by a lovely Dane who adjusted my bike to fit perfectly, made some great suggestions about places to visit and sent me on my way with a map.



This adorable restaurant opens early and stays open late. Cosy and warm with friendly service it was a great place to start the day with (tiny, but delicious) pancakes and great coffee.


Bang og Jensen:

A former pharmacy, this dive bar on trendy Istedgade was a fun little spot to grab a quick drink at night with lots of outdoor tables out front for prime people-watching.



Playtype is a concept store/typography foundry… so basically a physical space to buy fonts and other beautiful stuff. The bright small space houses Playtype’s own design as well as collaborations with other brands, you can find playful posters, clothing, homeware and more here.


Enghave Kaffe:

Nothing comes cheap in Copenhagen (a cup of coffee will run you $5 and up!), but it’s hard to be sad about it when there are so many lovely coffee shops to choose from if you need a caffeine fix. While it’s hard to pick a favourite, Enghave Kaffe was definitely a standout for the tasty brew and the cosy, motorbike-inspired décor.


Bonus Fave:

The non-stop flower shops! Everywhere I went the streets were bursting with beautiful blooms and people were biking around with baskets full of them. I wasn’t in town long enough to warrant splurging on fresh flowers, but it was a reminder to brighten up my life at home with them more often….


Gayna xo

Motivation Monday: Surfset



For our first Motivation Monday, we went to Surfset located at Yonge and Eglinton for what was, a surf inspired workout. Within minutes, we had all broken out a sweat- it was so much harder than it looked! The surf inspired workout challenges you to engage your core and maintain your balance while squatting and planking on the surfboard.




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