5 Delicious Little Crostinis



Crostini are like little magical bites of heaven.  Though realistically, they’re just a really good way to use your stale bread, they’re delicious and the combinations that you can come up with are endless.  Basically, whatever tastes good on bread, tastes good as a crostini and though I’ve only given you five relatively safe options here – party pleasers, if you will – I challenge you to get a little funky with your toasty bread bites.  Make up your own fun combinations and when you do, please, share them with me!

So here’s how to make 5 delicious crostinis for your next dinner party:

Slice up some day old french bread


Place it on an oven safe pan and drizzle it with some good olive oil and some coarse salt


Bake in the oven at 350 degrees until the bread is nice and toasty.

Top with your fave toppings.  Here are some of mine:




1. Brie and cranberry: slice a piece of brie and put it on the toasted crostini.  Place back in the oven under the broiler and broil until the brie is melted.  Take out of oven and top melted brie with cranberry sauce.


2. Goat cheese and fig: top toasted crostini with a generous dollop of goat cheese.  Slice a few thin pieces of fig and top goat cheese.  Add a drizzle of balsamic reduction and a shake of salt and pepper.  This one also taste excellent with a bit of prosciutto.

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NYE Decor Made Easy with Command Party!



Being DIY obsessed; the launch of Command Party in Canada makes me way too excited. What is Command Party you ask? Well, it’s a new collection created by Command that allows you to hang items -like decorations- seamlessly without damaging your walls!


I love to throw a party but one thing that gets me stuck is how to easily hang things like banners, pom poms and mini disco balls (yep, I have those) without driving my Mr. crazy ruining the walls with holes and ripped paint.


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How To Make: Insanely Cute and Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot Glasses



I’ve been dying to make these forever.  Created by the mind behind the infamous ‘cronut’, Dominique Ansel, chocolate chip cookie shot glasses are one of those things you would never think of but when you hear about them you’re totally like: why didn’t I think of that?  Genius.

While you can head to NY and pick up a few cookie shots from the master, it’s not the most realistic option for all of us.  So I thought I might try my hand at baking some to see if I could recreate a little bit of his mastery

Huge disclaimer.  This is not an easy recipe.  Though I do pride myself on posting easy and fun cooking ideas, this one was does not exactly squeeze into that category.  But because I’m stubborn as a mule, I was determined to get this one right.  After three attempts tweaking different recipes I’m convinced that using shortening instead of butter is the way to go.  I’m also convinced that if you don’t have patience, making a traditional batch of cookies and pouring a cold glass of milk in a standard cup is just as delightful…  Though not much beats a Bailey’s filled, white chocolate coated, chocolate chip cookie shot glass.  A shot glass that you can then eat after….

I made these shot glasses with silicone molds that I found in China Town at my all time favorite supply shop, Tap Phong. I can’t seem to find a link online for anything like them, but you can also snag a mini popover pan that will also totally do the trick, HERE

So, if you’re not yet disheartened and you’re still with me, let’s do this!



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#GIRLBOSS, Sophia Amoruso




I still remember the first thing I bought from Nasty Gal. It was a hippy kimono style robe-y coat thing right after Lissa put me onto the site. I instantly fell for everything about it and though I haven’t bought a ton from them, it was one of my first online purchases.


Nasty Gal was created by, Sophia Amoruso, who, on paper may not initially stack up to her contemporaries. A college dropout who suffers from ADD and an aversion to rules, Sophia has quickly become one of those phenoms that we all look to with wonder. She went from being fired from selling Prada pumps to being the CEO of a company now worth more than 100 million dollars in just eight short years, a poster child for the American Dream….


But this book isn’t simply a quick fixer that tells you how to ‘think’ things into your life.


“If I, and this book, have anything to prove, it’s that when you believe in yourself, other people will believe in you, too.”

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