Pumpkin Patchin’!



On Sunday my besite Michele and I grabbed our kiddies and headed out to Snyder’s Family Farm for something I hadn’t done probably since I was a kid.  Pumpkin picking!

Snyders Farm SnydersFarm_EFP_6795

Though much farther than we thought it would be, Snyder’s is worth the trip.  Packed with crazy fun things to do with kids (other than the obvious pumpkin picking-which we didn’t do much of) like a bouncy pillow, puppet shows, hay rides, and a corn maze, there’s enough for a full day of ‘farm-tastic fun’.  A tag line I heard repeated a few times…


My little H loves to run and run very fast, so it was actually quite nice to be on an open farm where she could whip around like the wild thing she is without worry of her getting creamed by a car…..  #mylife

Snyders Farm



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Monday Motivation: Happy Monday!



Happy Monday!!!


– Coco & Cowe team

Happy National Taco Day! Two Recipes That We Love



I LOVE tacos!  And since today is National Taco Day (yes, it’s a thing) we wanted to share a few of our favourite taco recipes.  To keep it interesting we chose two that aren’t exactly traditional, a vegetarian option with roasted cauliflower and chickpeas and an open faced beef taco, or what it’s more traditionally known as, a tostada.

We’ve also included our favourite simple margarita recipe, because, well, what are tacos without margaritas?  Our margaritas are made with Patron and Cointreau for a strong, tangy cocktail that skips a lot of the sugar.

national taco day

Roasted Chick Pea and Cauliflower Taco:

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Have A Lovely One


Fitness Friday: Coffee-It’s Good For You!



Since I was a little girl, I have had a deep love for coffee. My grandfather would always save me the last few sips of his cup – of course by then it would be very little actual coffee and more sugar and cream.


The smell. The taste. The desire for it would perpetuate into my adult years. Only now I sip Americanos or espressos with dairy free milk.


The debate around whether coffee is good or bad for you is supported by several arguments on both sides. In my experience, less is more. I am a fan of coffee and could not imagine my life without it. It makes early mornings tolerable because it’s warm and soothing. I couldn’t imagine catching up with friends at a local café or taking a business meeting without the presence of a cup of Joe.


For each reason coffee may be considered “bad” for you, there is a “but wait”:

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