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I love to eat out.  A lot.  Trying a new restaurant is pretty top on my list of favourite things to do.  But I also love to cook, to play with recipes and remix ingredients so when Sobeys asked me to get involved with the Better Food For All mission I was stoked.  The challenge, go out to some of my favourite restaurants, pick a dish and find a way to remake it in my own kitchen.

The one rule I try to stick to when I’m at home is that any meal I whip up be as healthy as possible.  Though I thought it would be fun to remake truffle parmesan fries from Bymark (it’s a meal, swear), I decided to head over to my ultimate healthy food spot, Fresh.  Fresh has been around in Toronto since 1999 serving up the most delicious vegan cuisine long before it was cool to be vegan.  Its founder, Ruth Tal, has become a dear friend of mine and puts so much care and passion into her menus that I knew paying homage to this Toronto mecca was a must.

So what would I remake from her killer new menu that was healthy yet satisfying, good for the whole family and accessible enough that you could get all of the ingredients from your local Sobey’s?  TACOS!  Obviously tacos.  Though it’s a toss up between the squash tacos and the jalapano lime ones as to which are my fave, because this is a healthy food mission I chose the latter.

I didn’t do much to mess with this genius dish because you really shouldn’t mess with perfection.  To make it even more nutrient packed I added avocado (because what is a taco without avocado) replaced the whole wheat shell with a corn one and added some julienne carrots at the end for a little added crunch.  You can also eat it without the shell all together!

Though this recipe has a few parts, they are all worth it and don’t take too long.  The tofu can be marinated a day ahead removing a step the day of which works for a busy mumma like me.  Plus all of these mini recipes can be consumed alone or in conjunction with other recipes because they’re so damn delicious!  Jalapeno lime dressing, I swear you can put that **** on anything!  You can also use the vegan mayo without the adding the jalapenos and cilantro for a great mayo alternative.


So after further ado,

Jalepeno Lime Tacos

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travel tuesday: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic



I recently visited Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Well, scratch that. I went to a resort in Punta Cana and did not really see the country!

As most of you know from either reading my posts over the years or via Instagram, traveling is a love and passion of mine; I have been very fortunate to visit some amazing places. I had done the whole resort thing years ago with my family and I have always had great memories from those vacations. I haven’t been to an “all-inclusive resort” in a good 10 years or so and was curious to try one out again. A lot of my traveling last year was a bit tiring (I went to Peru, Europe and some places in the USA). Work had also been very busy so I was excited to just get some sun, relax and hangout with my friends.

punta cana

Some trip highlights:

o   The weather was amazing every day, always sunny! I got my tan…ummm more like burn on! But, I’m golden-y brown now so it all worked out.

o   The resort was really pretty. The ocean was so blue and seeing all the tropical flowers around the resort everyday made me so happy.

o   I was able to catch up on sleep! I LOVE naps

o   I really enjoyed hanging out by the pool and drinking piña coladas with my sister and my friends! J

o   It was great to get away and recharge in the warmth, especially since it was really cold back in Toronto.

punta cana

punta cana

Some trip low lights:

o   Doing the same thing day in and day out got too repetitive for me! I’m a somewhat adventurous girl and would have liked a change of activity and scenery.

o   Sadly there was not much of an opportunity to leave the resort. I really did not get to see the country or experience its culture, which to me is one the best parts of traveling.


Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 12.29.11 PM

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Quick & Dirty: 5 Effective Exercises For When You’re Short on Time


One of the most common questions I get asked is “What sort of exercises can I do in a pinch when I am short on time?”.

Ideally, I would love to spend up to 20 minutes with a client working through mobility, dynamic warm ups and prepping their body for a workout, but I am realistic that sometimes we simply don’t all have the luxury of time.

So here is a quick no-excuses-workout that will get your heart pumping and muscles fired in the convenience of your home. All you need is a chair or stool and a little bit of space.


Pistol Squats:


Begin by standing with your feet shoulder width apart. Extend one leg out in front of you and lower your seat on to the chair behind you. Complete this exercise but returning to a standing position with your legs extended.




Advanced: Progress to perform this movement in full range by lowering your bottom to the ground and up with the assistance of the chair.


Incline push-ups:


Ensure your chair is well situated on a non-slip surface. Place both hands on the chair with legs extended behind you in a push-up position. With your core engaged, slowly lower your torso with bent elbows and exhale while you push up to arms extended.


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