Can You Work With Someone You Don’t Like?


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We recently attended a cool session hosted by Vitamin Water called Think Drink Do where we got to pitch business ideas, discuss growth and expansion and personal branding.  In one of the sessions a successful entrepreneur stated that she would, never again, work with someone she didn’t like.  She had been burned in the past and as a result, never, would she ever, work with someone she couldn’t see inviting to her home to share a meal.

I thought this was an interesting proposition and brought it to the table at a recent C&C meeting.  My first thought was unless you’re a massively successful business owner, how can you possibly control your colleagues?  Yes, the comment was made to budding entrepreneurs and small business owners, like myself, but even I don’t have that luxury.  Though I work very hard to control my environment and surround myself with like minded people, I can’t always control things like who comes on assignments, who I travel with and if the guy who prints all of my materials is the best in the biz but has a major attitude, I gotta deal.

“It’s a common problem — a 2012 study of more than 1,000 U.S. office workers by Wakefield Research found that around half of respondents cite trouble working with difficult colleagues, from know-it-alls to whiners to constant complainers. It’s hard to like people like that, especially if you’re sitting next to them for 8 hours a day.”

After more discussion we also realized how much potential growth & actual learning comes from working with people who you don’t instantly align.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had an impression of someone and then I’ve worked with them more closely and have discovered how much I actually like them.  I’ve also learned many things about myself from tough work relationships like, what my limits are, how to set boundaries and am slowly learning how to say the ever difficult ‘no’.

So though at first blush, I would have agreed that I only want to work with people I love, working with friends can be equally challenging.  The reality is working with anyone can be trying, it’s work!

In an effort to not look at these problems as unresolvable I’ve scoured the web and some business books I have handy and came up with some ways to help manage difficult relationships:

1. Focus on the positive, how does the person contribute to the team in a helpful way?  Remind yourself of that every time you hear nails on a chalkboard instead of their voice as they talk.

2. Don’t take it personally.  I know this can be super tricky but business is business and it’s not the place to hold petty grudges.

3. Rely on logic rather than emotion.  By trying to see the whole picture rather than focusing on the minutia (like them cutting you off in the last meeting) you’re in a stronger position.

4. Avoid talking about them with other colleagues.  Gossip sucks, no matter how true you think it may be and all it does is adds fuel to the potential burning fire between you and your nemesis….

5. Your opinions are subjective and it’s pretty unprofessional and childish to let those get in the way of your success.  If your growth in your field depends on you being a team player and getting the job done, get it done.


What about you?  Can you only work with people you like?





Taste of Toronto! An Event to Remember!


For those of you who follow my Instagram feed, you may know I had been impatiently waiting for the annual Taste of Toronto event, which took place a couple weeks ago. The multi-day festival brought together some of Toronto’s best chefs, delicious food and unforgettable times with my friends.

unnamed-1 2
After a busy work week, I gathered some of my best girlfriends for an epic Friday night at Taste of Toronto. Our adventure started off pretty much VIP from the moment we arrived at Taste, thanks to my Amex card, we were whisked away to the priority line and didn’t have to wait in line to get in, sweet! We had a plan, the four of us would divide and conquer and share our good eats in the Amex lounge. I first headed to Shocka’s Coconut Hub for refreshing Coconut water. As I was sipping away, the yummy smell of The Drake’s stand had me running over, coconut in hand for some delicious lamb ribs.

unnamed-3 2
My girlfriends and I then met in the Amex lounge where we sat, kicked back and shared our yummy Taste of Toronto food finds. Sharing food, laughing and drinking, #ThisMoment was just perfect, take me back!

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Coco & Cowe Pop-Up Shop Starts This Thursday!



As most of you may know, a few months ago we launched our new online store which features two of our capsule collections; our Paris inspired collection and a California inspired collection. We are extremely excited to be hosting our first ever pop up shop this Thursday July 23rd to Saturday July 25th alongside brands Ki and Mar Amor. Stop by 598 Richmond Street West just east of Bathurst Street Thursday and Friday from 5-8p.m and Saturday from 12-5pm. We will be selling our adult and children’s tees, sweatshirts, tanks, bracelets, chocolates, popcorn, you name it! Oh and a bonus, our ice cream and ice pop Dickie Dee will be there with some delicious treats.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Coco & Cowe Team

Tiff in the Park



TIFF in the Park

Last week, TIFF hosted a party at David Pecaut Sqaure in celebration of their 40th anniversary. The party had free food vendors including cupcakes, pizza and popcorn, as well as a special performance by Canadian band Dwayne Gretzky and a moonlit screening of Baz Luhrmann’s Strictly Ballroom. The party was a huge turnout with over 7000 people in attendance to commemorate TIFF’s history as an organization and bringing the world to Toronto through its Festival.

The 40th anniversary party was the first kick off of many films to be shared in David Pecaut Sqaure throughout the summer as part of TIFF in the Park. Every Wednesday from now until September 2nd TIFF will highlight their programming over the years with a free film screening under the stars. The films will range from beloved classics like Annie Hall and M for Murder, to newer Oscar favourites like The King’s Speech and Pride and Prejudice.

TIFF in the park 2


TIFF is also launching a new summer program, TIFF in Your Park, where TIFF will have outdoor screenings of newer and older films in parks throughout the city. Be sure to look out for a screening in your neighbourhood as there are many films and locations to choose from!

I can’t think of a better way to enjoy a movie in the summer than outdoors under the moon and stars. There are a few things that you might want to bring with you to make the most out of your outdoor movie experience:

  • Blankets – one for sitting on and one for snuggling up in for those cooler summer nights
  • Snacks – you’ll want to bring your favourite snacks to enjoy throughout the movie, might I suggest popcorn and anything chocolate
  • Comfortable clothing – while this isn’t something you necessarily bring, it’s something to keep in mind as you will be sitting on the ground you want to make sure you have comfy clothes on.
  • Phone/camera – As cheesy as it may seem, with the crowd, scenery and good vibes you know you’ll want to snap a photo for your Instagram

Be sure to check out the links below for both TIFF in the Park and TIFF in Your Park screening schedules. Personal favourite? M is for Murder. What moonlit film are you looking forward to watching this summer?

Here is also another fun link for things for things to do with your girlfriends this summer  – movie watching included*


– Lindsay

A Grey Goose Greyhound



As you know I love Sangria but that’s probably one of the only ‘sweet’ drinks I love.  When on the hunt for more fun drink ideas that were summer inspired but not super sweet I remembered a drink that used to be quite popular in my bartending days.  The Greyhound: grapefruit juice, vodka, yum.  Simple enough.  But because I can’t leave well enough alone, I had to add a few simple twists.

Firstly, canned grapefruit might have been fine back in the day, but what in the world is better than fresh?  Since big and beautiful grapefruits are abundant right now why not skip the preservatives and freshly squeeze some of your own juice?  This way if you have to add sugar, you’re the Captain and in complete control of exactly how much goes in.


I also added some soda, and a fresh sprig of rosemary for a fun twist.


-1.5 parts classic Grey Goose

-3 parts freshly squeezed grapefruit juice

– splash of soda

– sprig of rosemary



How To:

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