Fit Club Friday: Cleansing




It’s that time of year!


January often marks the time when people feel motivated to embark on new beginnings and fresh starts to better themselves.


The saying “New Year New You” is commonly referred to and reflected in increase gym memberships and attendance and new restrictive diets.


A cleanse is an easy “reset” to offset the overindulgences from the last few months of parties, holiday baked goodies, eggnog and perhaps a few too many glasses of champagne. But does a cleanse mean you have to fast, and drink offensive tasting juices and starve for days in order to feel better?
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Travel Tuesday: Tara Does NOLA!


new orleans


I recently visited New Orleans for the first time and it was beyond all that I had expected.  New Orleans is the largest city in the state of Louisiana located on the banks of the Mississippi River approximately 105 miles upriver from the Gulf of Mexico.


A quick little history about New Orleans. The French claimed the territory of Louisiana in the 1690’s and New Orleans was founded in 1718; the city streets were laid out in 1721. Many of the streets are named after the royal houses of France and Catholic saints. Contrary to popular belief Bourbon Street is named after the Royal House of Bourbon whose family occupied the throne of France at the time. So, it was not named after the alcoholic beverage though many are served on that street!


In 1763 the colony was sold to Spain and in 1803 the Americans came in. The French and Spanish Creole people felt that the Americans were uncultured and rough people. Though they were forced to do business with the Americans they did not want them in the old city (the French Quarter). Therefore Canal Street was built to create a division. Today when you cross over Canal Street you notice a difference in architecture as well as a difference in street names- all the old “Rues” change to “Streets” with different names. In the French Quarter the homes are painted in a variety of bright pastel colours similar to what you might see in many of the Caribbean islands. In the late 18th century a revolt in Haiti brought a number of immigrants and refugees to Louisiana. They were well-educated, skilled and made their presence in politics and business.


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90 Day Challenge



The girls and I at the office have gotten together and made a pledge to be active and healthy for 90 days.  Really pushing ourselves and each other to workout and eat healthy.  Our goal each week is to workout 6 times and eat as clean as possible while staying hydrated and avoiding any junk.

To stay motivated, each week we have a new fitness challenge.  Last week it was to run 3k and this week it’s to download the NTC App (if you already haven’t) and to do at least 3 of the workouts.


NTC is like having a personal trainer in your pocket.  With it, you literally have no excuse.  With workouts as short as 5 minutes to as long as 60, you can make choices that fit your lifestyle everyday.  From yoga to tabata, you can also pick a workout to suit your mood and need with cool features like add your own playlist to little videos that show you how to do every move.


NTC also has live FREE classes every week in Toronto at Academy of Lions.  These classes are a great way to stay motivated and meet super fun, like minded people.  You can sign up HERE.

If you travel, have a hard time getting to the gym, or just need something new to do, NTC is for you.  I’ve done it everywhere – from Tokyo to Bugaboo (that was crazy) and I never fail to break a crazy sweat and feel great afterwards.

Good luck friends!  Check back every Monday here or on Instagram for a new challenge.





oh snap

Adorable cookies by Studio DIY


Pink perfection via South Shore

new beginnings





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