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5 Questions With Wedding Designer To The Stars, P’Nina Tornai



Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing P’Nina Tornai, one of the world’s top couture wedding dress designers.  An exclusive designer for Kleinfeld’s in North America, P’Nina’s attention to detail and custom Swarovski bead work make her dresses one of a kind and desirable to fans and brides worldwide.  Not only is she an incredibly talented woman, she is kind with the sweetest way about her – so lovely that you can’t resist smiling as she talks and just want to give her a huge hug.

Read on to learn more about this one of a kind designer.


What is your process?


I always bring out new dresses regardless of my runway collection that I have once a year. I show always in October for Bridal Market but whenever I have an inspiration I create my dresses, I don’t wait for a collection. I don’t work like other designers. I didn’t study fashion. I feel something inside of me, it’s like a volcano and I create whatever comes from my heart.



Which piece is your favourite out of what you’re showing today?


That’s like asking a mother who is her favourtie child! But this is my current favourite. You can also wear it to an event as it also comes in black. I choose certain dresses to also be part of my evening collections so they’re both in bridal and evening.



Are these crystals custom, they’re incredible


Yes, we invent them. They don’t exist anywhere. We work closely with Swarovski to create a look as if they’re hand drawn so they’re very unique and one of a kind.


Tell me about your newest collection, Love


Love by P’Nina Toure was created because for so many years throughout my career I’ve been getting all of these letters and messages from brides saying that they love my dresses, that it’s there dream to wear one of my dresses but they cannot afford one. So these brides from all around the world have really touch my hearts and because I’m known as one of the most expensive designers because my work is different, so detailed and handmade I decided to make a new collection that I’ve been working on for a whole year now called Love.   Love because I’ve decided I wanted to give back all of the love that I’ve received from brides over the years that have loved my work but haven’t been able to afford it. So all of these dresses in this collection are under $5,000.00. They’re accessible, affordable with the P’Nina fit and detail.




What advice would you give to a bride to-be who’s looking for her dream dress?

The number one thing I would say to a bride who’s looking for her dream dress is to follow her heart. Choosing a wedding dress is not like choosing any other dress. It’s karmatic, something above shopping for a dress, it’s a dress that will embellish you on the most important day of your life. So it needs to be something you connect with 100%.

Follow your heart and enjoy every second of the journey because it ends. It’s once and you want to look back at it in a positive light without any stress. Just enjoy. Your heart will tell you when it’s the right dress just like it told you when it was the right man.


Thank you for such a lovely interview P’Nina!  Your dresses are just as fabulous as you are!

Check out Kleinfelds for P’Nina Tornai’s incredible creations along with pieces from her new Love collection.





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Travel Tuesday: Montreal in the spring… 5 Faves, well actually 6!



Every year, usually around the month of May, I love going to Montreal to experience what’s new and happening in the city. The city is forever changing and I love to keep up with what to do, where to stay and most importantly, where to eat! Montreal to me is just the perfect location to visit for us Torontonians where it’s far enough and culturally different enough that you actually feel like you’re on a holiday, even if it’s for a few days. There’s so much to see and to do, I never quite know where to start but I love that I’m always discovering something new, which is so fun. Without further ado, here are my top 6 faves this time around!

1. Restaurant Hà

If you’re in the mood for delicious, simple yet modern Vietnamese food in a cool atmosphere, Restaurant Hà is just the place for you. Located in Mont-Royal hood of the city, Restaurant Hà is a cute neighbourhood joint. Montrealers love a good patio and Restaurant Hà has a great one. If you don’t get a spot on the “terrasse”, don’t worry; the restaurant has 65 seats inside. Super friendly staff, great place for a casual dinner while you’re in the city, makes a reservation if you don’t want to be disappointed!


2. Quartier Saint-Henri

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Keep Going – #CCRUNCREW Confession




I didn’t want to do this. I really didn’t want to do this. When Catriona came back to the office after an exciting meeting with Nike about their upcoming women’s 15 km run, I didn’t share her excitement. As she previously mentioned in a post, the good folks at Nike selected her to put together a team of people to run the race. As she was enthusiastically explaining this 9-week program to me, I kept drifting in and out of the conversation into my own thoughts.


You see, for as long as I can remember, possibly around the age of 20, I’ve lived with chronic lower back pain. The pain gets worst around my period. Furthermore, last year, as I was crossing the street, I didn’t notice the construction work in front of me and I fell and sprained my ankle, I’m still recovering from that too. All of this to say is that I didn’t see myself as a possible member of the #ccruncrew nor did I want to. I was very happy sticking to the status quo, which, consisted of regular exercise that I mastered and that I was actually good at. Why would I ever want to challenge myself and possibly do something like running that 1) terrified me 2) that I didn’t want to do. As Catriona and I sat down to put the names of her crew together, I substituted my name for Bugs Bunny’s until she noticed it and made me add my name back. It will change your life she said, you CAN do this she said. My reluctant self didn’t want to hear it. I kept focusing on the reasons why I wouldn’t be able to do it, reminded her of my physical limitations, why couldn’t she just “get it” I asked myself. I was the ultimate Negative Nancy.

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