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5 Killer Cocktail Recipes to make a Happy Cinco de Mayo!



Being a lover of all things Mexican, the culture, the country and obviously the food and drink, Cinco De Mayo is a fave for me.  More than just a random celebration of the fifth day of May, Cinco De Mayo is actually a day that celebrates not the independence of Mexico but rather the date in 1862 when the Mexican military won a battle against a much stronger and bigger contingent from France.  Mexico didn’t end up winning that war but the morale that was boosted with that particular victory resonated with laborers and eventually gained traction with the migrant population in the US becoming a day to celebrate national pride for Mexico.

To celebrate this day we collaborated with Patron and Cointreau to make a few irresistible cocktails that would make any Cinco de Mayo party complete.

Patron Mojito


Who knew a mojito could be made with anything but rum?  Patron Silver gives this drink a delicious twist.  Using crushed ice makes this drink irresistible.


1 1/2 oz : Patrón Silver
1 cut lime
1 oz : simple syrup
club soda
6-8 : fresh mint leaves
lime wedge for garnish



How to:

-muddle lime with fresh mint

-add simple syrup and mix

-add ice

-pour in Patron and soda and stir to combine

-garnish with lime


Patron Mango Lemonade


Mango is the standout in this delicious concoction.  A firm believer that mango makes everything ok, try this and wow your guests.

1 oz : Patrón Reposado
1 1/2 oz : mango syrup
3 lemon squeezes
mango slice for garnish




How to:

-pour all ingredients over ice and stir to combine

-garnish with mango


Anejo on the rocks


For the purists.


1 1/2 oz : Patrón Añejo
Ice cubes


How to:

-pour Patron Anejo over ice.  Simple as that!


Perfect Margarita


Sometimes you just need to stick to the classics.


1 oz Patron Reposado
2/3 oz Cointreau
1 oz fresh lime juice
Kosher salt for rimming the glass




How to:

-rim a pretty glass with Kosher salt

-pour all in a shaker with ice and shake

-pour contents of shaker into your prepared glass and enjoy!


Cointreau Fizz



Perfect for a warm night this drink is refreshing and light.


1 1/2 oz Cointreau

1/2 juice of a lime

3 oz of sparkling water

Garnish with a lime slice



How to:

-pour all ingredients over ice and stir

-garnish with lime and serve


Happy Cinco!










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From Couch to 15K, The Road To The Nike Women’s Run in Toronto


cc-run-crew When Nike asked me to put together a run crew of my very own I was both excited and nervous.  Excited because I knew it would be a fun way to stay motivated on my running journey but also nervous because it was a big commitment and though the run is only 15k, it’s a much longer distance than I’ve been running lately.  Always up for a challenge I accepted and went to sourcing who I wanted in my crew.

The people at Nike promised that anyone able bodied and uninjured could – with the right training – literally go from their couch to completing a 15k run within 10 weeks.  So I decided to put it to the test.  I selected a smattering of my friends and colleagues from a range of levels of physicality and asked them to take up the challenge with me.  Though most were extremely apprehensive (I don’t run. I can’t run. 15, like KILOMETERS?!?!) They all couldn’t deny the opportunity and found ways to make time in their busy schedules to meet with me every Tuesday evening.


Upon sign up they also agreed to not only push themselves with me but also on their own time with a schedule that looks a little something like this in week 4 of our training:

*each box denotes a day of the week*


nike training pdf


As we move into the fourth week of our training it’s amazing to see the progression of my crew.  They’ve all taken up the challenge head on, running on their own or meeting up on their own time, clocking their KM’s and inspiring people within their circles as they do it.


Since Nike has really taken up female athletics as an important part of their mandate it’s incredible to see the excitement unfold real time on the streets.  It’s really cool to be a part of a movement that’s encouraging women to get out there and get active which will only ensure that it’s passed on to our juniors.


If you’re interested in starting your running journey Nike recently teamed up with The Running Room in Liberty Village and is hosting amazing group runs.  Click HERE for more details.

Stay tuned for more updates or follow along on Instagram under the hashtag #ccruncrew




Join Us For The Sunday Social with Grammy Award Winning Artist Melanie Fiona




I will be hosting my first live and interactive ‘Conversation’ with the lovely and extremely talented Melanie Fiona this Sunday at The Boiler House Loft in the Distillery District!

The event will take place over a gorgeous 3 course brunch where guests will dine on some deliciousness and get some inside scoop on what it takes to be a Grammy winning R&B Artist from Canada who has garnered international acclaim.

The brunch will also feature:

Complimentary Face Mapping & Skin Care gifts courtesy of Dermalogica plus gifts from Annabelle Cosmetics.
Flow Water as the official natural spring water sponsor.

For group reservations, please contact: 416-419-4799

Hope to see you there!

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