10 Hours Of Walking In New York As A Woman




P sent me this video with a simple ‘what do you think?’ posed under in a text message.  Before I even watched it, the title instantly brought my mind back to New York City in the hot summer months.  The streets teaming with people and smells; a thick heavy heat blanketing the island of Manhattan.  Whether you’re there for a minute or months you instantly acknowledge the soundtrack of the city; the honks, the yells, the music, all fighting to eke out their own space in this overly populated mecca.

The title put me there.  My mind submerged in a feeling I’ve only ever felt in New York.  I began to remember times walking to school during a short stint at NYU and the hellos I would get on the way there.  The head nods, the whistles and one particular homeless man who rated my outfit everyday – feeling particularly accomplished when he gave me an 11 out of 10….

So before I watched this video I, ashamedly, could only come up with not so negative memories.  Sure there were times when I would have rather have not said hello (sleepy) or that I felt a little frightened – walking alone late at night.  But for the most part I couldn’t remember much that was particularly negative.

And then I watched it.

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How To Make A Delicious Omelette Roll




Pretty much a brunch staple, the omelette is one of those Sunday morning foods that can satisfy almost anyone.  But making them for brunch can be kind of tricky; someone’s always got to wait.  The omelette roll is a way to solve that issue, and it’s quite pretty plated to boot!  Like a savory Swiss roll.  Mmmmm….

This recipe makes enough to feed four starving hungover people or six normal ones.  You can add whatever fixin’s you like and serve it with some fun sides like this or this.  (Man this post is making me starving…)


Here’s how:


8 eggs

1/3 cup of flour

1 cup of milk

1 medium tomato diced

1 cup of mushrooms (or green peppers or whatever veg you’re feeling)

4 slices of prosciutto, ham, turkey or any kind of meat  you like (or no meat at all)

1/4 cup of red onion

1 1/2 cups of mozzarella cheese




- pre-heat oven to 350

- beat eggs and flour together

- mix in milk

- line a 12×16 pan with parchment paper

- pour egg mixture into the pan

- sprinkle eggs with your fixin’s – veggies, meat and 1/2 a cup of cheese (the prosciutto I used made mine salty enough but if you’re not using meat add salt and pepper to taste)

- bake for around 15 minutes (depending on your oven) or until the edges are just about set

- top the omelette with remaining cheese and put back in the oven to cook for another 2 mins or until the cheese is melted

- though it’s hot, try to roll the omelette straight away – beginning with the thinnest end if possible

- plate on something pretty and serve it up to your lucky (and hopefully) hungry friends.







Nike Women’s Summit in NYC


just do it

Nike has always been a brand that I’ve admired for many reasons; innovation, design, their ability to inspire…..  But it’s the fact that the co-founder, Bill Bowerman, is known for being responsible for bringing jogging to North America that I always come back to.   How crazy is that?  Jogging.  He basically created jogging as a mode of exercise because before Bowerman (and eventually Nike, the company he founded with Phil Knight) decided to try and make it catch on in North America, jogging was a practice only done in far flung places like New Zealand….

And from that place of forward thinking and innovation Nike continued and continues to grow.  Bigger, faster, stronger.

I was recently invited to New York to check out all that Nike has been working on and what they have in store for us next year at what they called, Nike Women’s Summit.

nike women's summit

I didn’t know what to expect.  Being in such a competitive business Nike has to keep most of what they do top secret.  Myself and around 150 other media descended on New York in a shroud of secrecy with only the promise that we would be wowed.  They didn’t disappoint.

Nike took over Spring St Studios and with every turn there was a new innovation or collaboration.  After I got over the shock of being included (you can take the girl out of the suburbs….) I continued to marvel at the level that Nike is operating.


The event opened with a fashion show modeled by 27 of the world’s top female athletes (including Canadian heptathlete Brianne Theisen-Eaton) and a few models (hello, Karlie Kloss!) The runway moved up and down and the clothing on display made me pray even some of it makes it way to Canada.  *please*

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Love To Cook? Join KitchenAid and Cook For The Cure!



Like to cook?  Live for those crazy cooking reality shows?  Die for celeb chefs like Mark McEwan, Lynn Crawford or Susur Lee?  Have we got the event for you!  KitchenAid has teamed up with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation to create a stellar event that could put you on a team with your favorite chef to cook off to end cancer!

Cook For The Cure was an idea specifically crafted for the foodie in you.  Created to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer research, KitchenAid wanted a fun way to spread the message through something we can’t help but all loving: food.  So they reached out to some of Canada’s top chefs and came up with Cook For The Cure.

cook for the cure

What is this event all about?  Well for participants that qualify, it’s a day long event that begins with Celebrity Chefs School where celeb chefs show participants the tricks of the trade.  Hands on in real time.  Then after a cocktail reception where participants can mix and mingle with the chefs, it moves on to the main event:  The Culinary Showdown!  As audience members enjoy an incredible dinner, the top 50 participants will be split into teams, each led by a celeb chef, where they can show off some of the skills they learned that day and create interesting and innovative dishes with state of the art KitchenAid appliances.

mark mcewan

So how do you get involved in this crazy fun FUNdraiser?  Check out their website HERE and sign up!  The event was such a success last year that spaces are filling up quickly.

Here are some deets:

Who: KichenAid Cook For The Cure

What: A cooking/foodie fundraising event to end cancer with celebrity chefs: Mark McEwan, Lynn Crawford, Susur Lee, Vikrim Vij and Corbin Tomaszeski.

When: November 29th

Where: The Allstream Centre

Why: To raise funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation for cancer research



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