Honouring Great Customer Service by Paying – It – Forward with Amex


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There is not much that makes me happier than great service. Being in the service industry for many years I prided myself on giving great service, loved making people feel important and ensuring that they had an enjoyable time. Now when I get great service I always make the point to acknowledge it, whether it be in a tweet, an email or writing on a comment card at a restaurant or hotel.


Paying the positivity forward…

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Peanut Butter Apple ‘Cookies’



Forever on a mission to find healthy, delicious snacks for me and my mini, I was excited when I stumbled upon these apple ‘cookies’ on Pinterest.  So they look kind of like donuts (yum) and are hand held like cookies (double yum) and though they are absolutely neither (no flour, butter, frying) they are sweet and have a nice texture and are pretty filling (peanut butter) plus are almost completely guilt free.

Here’s How:

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marshmallow pancakes

Tomorrow is Harlowe’s second birthday and we celebrated with a few of her park friends today with a cute Mini Mouse themed pizza party.  As soon as the sugar high wears off I’m sure we’ll be getting some good sleeps in this weekend.

I hope you’re all staying warm – how quickly did the winter creep up on us?

If you’re staying in and keeping snuggly here are some good posts to keep you entertained.

On the topic of birthdays, how to make the cutest mini pinatas

Jack and Anjelica – swoon worthy pics

Misty Copeland on fashion, body image and more.

Texting and your spine…

Are you a mum feeling the pressure to be perfect?

I love with this furniture store located on the East End of Toronto.

Hate being cold?  These will help.

Breaking down the American beauty standard.

Crispy sprouts.

Dirt bombs…. More noms

And finally, toasted marshmallow shot glasses.  I mean….  yummmmmz


Have a lovely weekend!




10 Hours Of Walking In New York As A Woman




P sent me this video with a simple ‘what do you think?’ posed under in a text message.  Before I even watched it, the title instantly brought my mind back to New York City in the hot summer months.  The streets teaming with people and smells; a thick heavy heat blanketing the island of Manhattan.  Whether you’re there for a minute or months you instantly acknowledge the soundtrack of the city; the honks, the yells, the music, all fighting to eke out their own space in this overly populated mecca.

The title put me there.  My mind submerged in a feeling I’ve only ever felt in New York.  I began to remember times walking to school during a short stint at NYU and the hellos I would get on the way there.  The head nods, the whistles and one particular homeless man who rated my outfit everyday – feeling particularly accomplished when he gave me an 11 out of 10….

So before I watched this video I, ashamedly, could only come up with not so negative memories.  Sure there were times when I would have rather have not said hello (sleepy) or that I felt a little frightened – walking alone late at night.  But for the most part I couldn’t remember much that was particularly negative.

And then I watched it.

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