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Thursday Thought: A New Beginning




Many, including myself wait for New Years Eve to set lingering goals and look to midnight as the moment where we can shed our pasts and re-start our new year with promise. I remember a conversation I was having with my girlfriends a couple of summers ago, right around this time of the year. I was expressing my sadness that summer was coming to an end; summer is my favourite season (the sun comes out early and is so delightfully warm, I get to wear dresses and everyone’s spirits are a little higher) I was not ready to let it go. My girlfriend Amanda, who loves summer as much as I do, changed the tempo of the conversation when she mentioned that she was excited for fall. For her, fall was the time of year where she felt she could re-start.


It’s that time of year again now, or at least feels like it with this 18-degree weather, and I am again thinking about that conversation. Amanda’s sentiment struck a chord with me and with September quickly approaching, I am beginning to feel what she expressed. With the weather rapidly changing and the summer heat leaving us, the fall feels like the perfect time to re-start. The changing of seasons is a renewal of life, both in shedding the old and preparing for the new and most people welcome the change. The crisp air, a new school year and the changing of seasons makes us feel like we have a second chance.


So instead of waiting for December 31st when it is expected that we make resolutions, maybe we can think about our new beginnings now. A new season and a new opportunity to renew our goals, ambitions and set our re-start button.

Does fall make you feel this way?

Leave us a comment and let us know.


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Wedding Wednesday: Top Five Bouquets


Gorgeous flowers are the cherry on top of a perfect wedding day. From the wedding ceremony when the bride walks down the aisle, to the classic bouquet toss at the end of the night, the right arrangements of flowers make all the difference! Check out these 5 gorgeous bouquets for a little floral inspiration! Here are our top 5.

bouquet 1

  1. Impressionistic and impressive, this bouquet of pastel coloured flowers is a work of floral art. This stunner radiates sophistication and elegance and is almost too pretty for words. Find this bouquet HERE.

bouquet 2

  1. Breathtaking, traditional and classy describes this beautiful bridal bouquet. The lovely mix of white garden roses, mother of pearl roses and blush pink ranunculus makes this bouquet unique, feminine, chic, and a perfect choice for any wedding! Find this bouquet HERE.

Bouquet 3

  1. This beautiful elegant yet modern cascading bridal bouquet is definitely a show stopper! Stylish and dramatic this bouquet would be perfect for an outdoor fall wedding! Find this bouquet HERE.

bouquet 4

  1. White wedding bouquets symbolize romance, marriage, and eternal love! This traditional vintage white rose bouquet is all about class and sophistication with just the right amount of bling! Find this bouquet HERE.

bouquet 5

  1. I absolutely love the pop of colours and variation of flowers in this radiating bouquet! Can’t decide on just one flower type? Choose a unique variety of your favourites! Find this bouquet HERE.


Have you seen a beautiful bridal bouquet that blows you away? If so please share with us!


Felicia xo

Travel Tuesday: Can I Move To Turks & Caicos?



Every girl dreams of their wedding day and in my circle of friends, we all share in each other’s dreams. My best friend since grade 9 got engaged earlier this year and a few weeks ago I, along with some of my closest girlfriends and her family got to see her marry the man of her dreams on the island of Turks and Caicos.

Never having been to a destination wedding, I was excited because a) I knew this wedding would be nothing short of beautiful and b) Turks and Caicos from what I had heard was incredible; my best friend was getting married in paradise and I was so excited to be a part of it all.


The bride and groom hosted a few dinners before and after the wedding to get their guests acquainted with one another. The rest of the week was for the guests to enjoy the beautiful island and enjoy we did! It was plus thirty degrees everyday, endless blue skies and water that was infinitely beautiful.

turks and caicos

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