Planking…my best or worst buddy? – Week 9 challenge




We just started week 9 of our challenge and you might of not heard us make mention of it here on the blog but we are still going at it. It has become a routine for me, one I hope to continue past these 12 weeks but hoping for much larger portions of food (here’s hoping!).


One of the biggest challenge I’ve had in maybe forever, well since I started working out which takes back to 1997 (oh, boy…this is aging me) is planking. Truth be told, I find planking totally annoying but I love the results.


Planking or a plank is the exercise that involves your core muscles, improves your strength, balance and endurance. If done well, you can totally straighten your entire body, improve your core and also your back, since it’s all connected. All of these things are great, especially for me who’s lived with lower back issues for 20+ years. And who doesn’t want a strong core, thus strong abs, thus crop tops in the summer?


The longer you can hold a plank, the better you can develop your core and your back can be resilient to lower back injury. This week, our challenge is to plank every single day; the goal is to hold a plank for 2 minutes. If you’ve never done one, you’ll probably be able to get to 30 seconds, which is great. Slowly but surely, you’ll get to 2 minutes; your core will thank you for it.

Here are some variations of the plank for you, depending on your fitness level, you can try any or all, let us know how you did!!



1. Basic Plank

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milan fashion week

Milan Fashion Week is in full swing and it’s producing some pretty amazing street style snaps, like above from Vogue.  How cute are these Stella Jean skirts?

With today being the first day of March let’s hope that it will bring with it some warmer days!  Happy March loves!

Here are some fun links for your Sunday surf sesh:

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13. What kind of lingerie do you wear?

14. Loving Aimee Song’s new bracelets!  Especially this one



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Tricks of the Trade from Interior Designer Montana Labelle




When I first met interior designer Montana Labelle it was one of those instant girl crushes where you not only think she’s totally adorable but that she-like-totally-gets-you. *hair flip*

We were finishing each others sentences, laughing and instantly shared the same vision for my new office space.


I love Montana’s style and eye so much I thought I would ask her if she could share some of her top tips and tricks of the trade with the hopes that it might help some of you out there who are interested in freshening up your place or even creating an entire new one.


Montana not only trained at Parsons in New York but she also apprenticed at top design firm, Gluckstein Design. Her work has been published in numerous publications including The Globe and Mail, Fashion and Style At Home Magazine.


Here are some tricks and tips from Montana Labelle:



1. Be Resourceful

Vintage Fine Objects

I am constantly on the hunt for exciting furniture and accessory finds. I have a serious love for vintage mid century modern pieces, and anything art deco. I perpetually scour Instagram stores such as @Vintagefineobjects, or @Charishco- both online treasure chests for vintage finds at incredible prices. When I am not perusing these stores on my phone, I am window shopping from my car, or visiting local vintage furniture stores and markets.


2. Books, Books and more Books


I am seriously in love with black and white hardcover books. Stacked, piled, in bookcases, on coffee tables, armoires, you name it… black and white books are my favourite accessory that can transform a space on a dime.


3. Boxes


There is something about trinket boxes that I absolutely love. I probably have about 30 of them in my own home, ranging from key storage on my front table, to business card storage in my office to jewelry storage on my bedside table. They are an incredible way to keep your home looking less cluttered.


4. Personalize it.

Chanel Art

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Mulberry Fall ’15 at LFW



On Sunday I attended the Mulberry presentation in London at their stunning head office.

The collection was based around Mulberry’s current fascination with the timeless elegance of old English homes.  The embroidery and prints brought to life a filagree motif inspired by the strong use of cornice, mouldings and white paint work found in traditional Georgians.


Though the collection was Fall there was a beautiful lightness to it.  The soft greys and warm whites were not only stunning but a nice step away from the darkness that can come along with collections for the colder months.



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