Living An Enriched Life….



Oh life. It’s a funny thing; a funny, complex, interesting, messy thing. The older I get the more I understand that it’s more than just achieving a goal but rather all about the journey. About how I got there. How I got here.


Two years ago (as most of you know) I had a daughter and if there’s one thing I’ve learned is the importance of that journey. It reminds me to respect the little moments that make up a life because with a small child the moments are so incredibly perfect and magical and then, just like that, they’re gone.


Amex recently asked me to reflect on what living an enriched life means to me and I’ve been reflecting on it ever since. What is it exactly that makes my life full? What makes it worth being excited for, what makes it worth living? At first glance it’s easy, it’s my family, my friends; but when I thought about it more, I thought about what makes it click, what fills me up?


I quickly concluded that it’s those moments. I love to travel pretty much more than anything. To see new things and experience life through the eyes of others but when I think of my travel to various cities I know I mark my time based on the little memories that made it magical.

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Fit Club Friday: The Right Shoe For You


nike air max

From boxing to TRX to pilates to hot yoga to Crossfit to just plain old ‘going for a run’ there are so many ways to keep fit these days – we are certainly not starved for choice.  But what’s equally as exciting is the fact that companies, like Nike, have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes with athletes creating the perfect shoe for every activity.

No longer do you have one pair of sneaks for it all.  From the street to the studio, Nike has come up with the right technology to get you through and here are my 5 faves for a few different occasions:

Nothing fancy for you, just straight up pounding the pavement:

Nike Air Zoom Structure 18




This shoe is for the kilometer clockers.  Those of you who live to run and need a shoe that will support you but won’t slow you down.  The Zoom Structure 18 is put together with some really cool flywire and triple density dynamic support midsole that will keep you from pronating by promoting a smoother transition with each step you take.

For the burpee lover?

Nike Zoom Fit Agility


Ok, I’m not going to lie.  When I first tried out this shoe the team was all, Skylar swears that this shoe makes her WANT to do burpees.  My immediate response was *scoff* *grumble* “Ya RIGHT!”  But then I couldn’t stop myself from hopping around Academy of Lions in them before our class even started…. The independent air bags that fill the hexagonal shapes on the bottom of the shoe were actually created to increase flexibility and responsiveness.  So although they didn’t make me WANT to do burpees, they surely made it a slightly more palatable experience.  Plus they’re super cute!


Meet Me In The Studio:

Nike Studio Mid Pack

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Gray Malin


gray malin

gray malin

Forever on a hunt for cool art and prints that are affordable I instantly fell for Gray Malin’s beachy photography.

Captured by Gray on his many travels worldwide, these shots are the perfect thing for those momentary mental escapes from the mundane that we all need.  I can just imagine staring at one in my home or office for a little meditation.

gray malin

gray malin

gray malin


gray malin

All of the large format prints (24″ X 36″) are signed and editioned – so good for the budding collector in you!

Check out Gray’s website HERE and be swept away!

gray malin

gray malin

gray malin



Honouring Great Customer Service by Paying – It – Forward with Amex


coco and cowe

There is not much that makes me happier than great service. Being in the service industry for many years I prided myself on giving great service, loved making people feel important and ensuring that they had an enjoyable time. Now when I get great service I always make the point to acknowledge it, whether it be in a tweet, an email or writing on a comment card at a restaurant or hotel.


Paying the positivity forward…

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Peanut Butter Apple ‘Cookies’



Forever on a mission to find healthy, delicious snacks for me and my mini, I was excited when I stumbled upon these apple ‘cookies’ on Pinterest.  So they look kind of like donuts (yum) and are hand held like cookies (double yum) and though they are absolutely neither (no flour, butter, frying) they are sweet and have a nice texture and are pretty filling (peanut butter) plus are almost completely guilt free.

Here’s How:

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