A Conversation with Nicky Hilton



I had a chance to sit down with Nicky Hilton last week at Joe Fresh chat with her about her new book, 365 Style.

The book is a fun and fresh look at fashion and personal style with great tips like: Five Items Forever Forbidden to Enter Storage and how to know what to wear everywhere.

Check out our convo below.


1. Why did you decide to write a book on style?

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cotton candy

Things have been getting crazy over here! My best friend is about to have a baby, we’ve created a new company (C&C Confectionary, which I told you about a few weeks ago) and we have three new products launching. The juggle is a struggle but being busy is better than being bored and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to continue to grow.

Thank you all for your continued support!

I hope you’re all doing well and not getting sick from this roller coaster ride that the weather has us on!

Here’s some links that we’re loving:

On making the decision to not have kids, 25 famous women discuss.

I love a good movie/food pairing.

Living the Bill Murray life, by Bill Murray… lol

The perfect ponytail? It’s pretty fab.

If you’re into Bourbon, you’re welcome.

Many things I didn’t know about The Fresh Prince.

10 hidden gems in Toronto.

Last week Pauleanna talked mentors.  This one on Questlove is incredible. 

Most romantic islands…. Let’s go!

10 things that Joanna Goddard has learned in her career. <- love her!

Happy Monday folks!





Amex Takes Dining Platinum




You know how I feel about packing Platinum in my wallet when I travel. To me the perks of not having to wait in security lines and getting access to the First Class lounge at the airport is reason enough to have the card, but oh, there’s more….


Yup, Platinum Dining.


What’s Platinum Dining you ask? Well Amex has created this super cool perk for Cardmembers who have a penchant for food… Foodies, if you will. Which is right up my alley – and if you read this blog, probably yours too. This particular service gives Cardmembers access to reservations at hundreds of amazing restaurants in Canada, US and around the world. Not only can you book tough-to-get reservations at say Colette (our new fave spot) with your Platinum Concierge, but you also get added bonuses like a complimentary glass of champagne or an appetizer upon arrival.

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Thursday Thought: Ladies, It’s Time To Get A Mentor!


karate kid


Mentors have always played an important role in my life, especially in business. In fact, I don’t think I would be where I am today if other people didn’t plant seeds of wisdom into me. Naturally, I’m a very inquisitive person. I question things that I am taught and I’ve always had a thirst for knowledge. So once I decided to pursue my dream career(s), the next logical step was to seek mentorship from people who could add value to my life and further my personal development.

3 common questions I get asked:

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