Fruity Smoothie Ice Cubes!




Listen, summer isn’t over.  It can’t be!  I’m so not ready for chilly weather, short days and cold, dark nights.  The fresh fruit, the long, sunny days, the BBQ’s, the patios…  They have to stay around for a bit longer.  Our summer just wasn’t good enough….

So in hopes to keep the dream of summer alive, today I’m posting about yummy fruity smoothie ice cubes made with fresh blended fruit, veggies, juices and a few with coconut and almond milk.

watermelon-ice cubes

In an effort to drink less diet pop and more water, I like to add fruit to it. Simple enough, just cut up some fruit and put it in your water. But these fruity cubes bring my water game to a whole new level.  You can also add coconut milk or almond milk to make smoothies faster in the morning.  Just pop them out of the cubes, add some protein powder and blend it up!


Any fruit or veggie you like blended or use fresh pressed juice – I used a kale, spinach and pear one and layered it with coconut milk.  Yum!


How To:

In order to get the layered cubes simply add your base let it freeze and then add your other layer

I used honey dew and watermelon for the green and pink ones.  Coconut milk and carrot juice for the orange ones and green and coconut milk for the green ones. (pictured above)

You can use any fruits or veggies that you like, play around with it and have fun!





Dinner With…. Artemano (+ contest)



We recently hosted an intimate dinner for our nearest and dearest at Artemano, an incredible furniture store that sells one of a kind, hard to find pieces from South and East Asia.  We initially went to Artemano months ago and fell in love with the space and thought hosting a dinner their would be a lovely treat and a great way to show off this beautiful collection.



Opened in Laval in 2002, Artemano is the love child of Shimon Finkelstein and Eyal Shoam.  Together they wanted to share the treasures they found on their journey’s and with Shimon’s artistic eye and Eyal’s background in architecture they are able to not only bring the beauty of the East to the North, but they are also able to re-imagine works to have a contemporary feel.


Artemano now has five stores throughout Ontario and Quebec and are continuing to expand.  After meeting the team and spending time around the exquisite pieces, it’s hard to not see why this place is such a success.


Check out our vid from the night and since you couldn’t all make it to dinner we wanted to give you a chance to win a little something.  Deets after the jump

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The Confidence Code




I was listening to the CBC driving one morning and ended up being seriously late for an appointment because these two incredible women were being interviewed.  Well, three.  The first was Christine Lagarde, managing director of the IMF, who then led into an interview with Katty Kay and Claire Shipman.  They had just released a book which they co-authored and Lagarde just happened to be one of their subjects so it all tied together quite nicely.  The topic, confidence, and more specifically confidence in women (or lack there of).  The book that Kay and Shipman had just penned was called The Confidence Code and when I was hearing some of the statistics that they found in their research not only was I intrigued, I made Indigo my very next stop to get a copy.

The Confidence Code.  The Science and Art of Self-Assurance – What Women Should Know.

The book starts off at the opening practice of the Washington Mystics, a WNBA team.  Kay and Shipman were on the hunt for raw confidence and what better  place to find it than on the ball court.  What the two are quick to display is that even within the toughest, most cut throat environments, women struggle with confidence.  From the Pentagon to the basketball court an easy correlation was made, time and time again women attributed their successes and place in their lives and careers as dumb luck.  Yes, they acknowledged that they worked hard but there was always an insecure nod to it not being because of sheer talent and deservedness but rather luck – right place, right time.

When speaking to honors graduate from the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis (one of the most incredibly grueling programs in the world), Michaela Bilotta said this:

“I think it definitely took me longer than it would have or some other people to admit that I was worthy of it,”  Bilotta confessed.  “Even though from the outside, I can look in and think, you did all the work and you earned your spot.”  She paused.  We were sitting with her in her parent’s basement, which we noticed, was overflowing with sports gear, trophies, and academic plaques – the souvenirs of raising five determined girls.  No clues that would have suggested a childhood that didn’t nurture self-belief.  “I just doubted it,” she said, shaking her head.  “I wondered, ‘how did this happen?  I got so lucky.’”

And so on and so on.  Case after case of women with self doubt, even the authors of the book admit to silently cutting themselves down, playing a tape in their heads that they aren’t worthy, or good enough.

Once the stage is set with ample examples of gendered lack of confidence the book moves on to giving the reader a ton of information on the brain, where confidence comes from and what it is.  There were so many points in the book that were like little light bulb or A-HA! moments.  So many that if anyone was near me while I read, I was reading it aloud.  It was so eye opening that I couldn’t help but blurt it out.

Being someone who has always struggled with confidence, this book was such a wealth of information.  Add that to the fact that I am very conscious of not wanting to pass off my insecurities and self doubts onto my daughter, it was so insightful and an amazing tool that I will continue to reference and explore.

In an effort to not give away the entire book I will stop blabbing on about it and encourage you to pick up a copy for yourself.  It’s concise, well written and researched and easy to read.  Check it out!  And their website is pretty awesome too!








Pinterest is my favorite place online to get lost.  Here are some Pins that inspired me this week:


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Front of The Line Turns 25! (+ contest)



I live for concerts. There’s just something about listening to your favorite music live with a ton of people who love it too. Singing along at the top of your lungs with the magicians that crafted the soundtrack to your life. One of the major reasons I love American Express is their Front Of The Line program because it affords me and every other Cardmember early access to tickets to shows that I’m dying to see that would otherwise be sold out.  And not only to concerts, but to theater & comedy shows, exclusive dining experiences, movie premiers, cultural experiences and even NYFW!




Front Of The Line started right here in Toronto 25 years ago with a pre-sale of tickets for Phantom of the Opera. Since then millions of tickets have been sold making it the reason many people can’t live without their Amex. I recently got the opportunity to celebrate their 25 Anniversary with them at the John Legend concert at the Molson Amp. Myself and a collection of my fave bloggers and journalists gathered with the CEO of Amex , David Barnes and John May, President of Live Nation -Ontario Region – for cocktails and delicious snacks by Barque on a cool VIP patio as the sun set and then headed in to see John Legend belt out all of my favorites. And boy can he belt it out. His voice was pitch perfect. He moved seamlessly from hit to hit giving interesting asides like how he was turned down from 7 labels before getting signed and how he crafts every song by sitting at his piano and just mumbling words to a melody. I was in awe of how truly incredible his voice was, unassisted by auto tune or any other fancy equipment. That man is a true talent. The only thing that would have made the concert better was if his wife Chrissy popped out. Love. Her.






Since not everyone was able to take part in the 25th Anniversary celebrations at the John Legend concert, Amex wants to give you a chance to experience what it’s like to be a Cardmember with the best. During the month of August, Amex is hosting 25 daily Twitter giveaways for concert tickets to the hottest shows and dining experiences. To enter all you have to do is follow them on Twitter @AmexCanada and use the hashtag #FOTL25 when answering the daily question that Amex poses and bam! You’re entered. Good luck !




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