Easter Day Brunch at The Four Seasons Toronto



One of my fondest childhood memories is Easter.  Doing brunch with my family for Easter, going on an Easter egg hunt with my brother and sister, the whole thing was just magic.

Whether you are rejoicing after Easter mass or like me, looking for the perfect excuse to bring your family together over delicious food, in a beautiful décor, Easter Brunch at The Four Seasons Hotel Toronto this Sunday is the perfect place for you.

Brunch#3-photo by Tricia Mennell

For the first time, The Four Seasons is hosting an Easter Brunch in their Vinci Ballroom for the entire family.  Food stations, a movie theatre, an egg hunt and even a special appearance from the Easter bunny are all scheduled for Sunday!


Easter Brunch - April 5, 2015

The Deets:


Sunday, April 5th 2015


The Four Seasons Hotel Toronto in The Vinci Ballroom.


Two seating’s available, 11 am or 1pm.


$78 per person, $35 for Children ages 6 to 13, kids 5 and under eat for free


They are almost sold-out so make sure to make a resi by calling 416-964-0411!


See you on Sunday!




Ruby by Cynthia Bond



In February, I was looking for my next book and Ruby by Cynthia Bond kept popping up on lists of “Best Reads for Black History Month” – it was being compared to one of my all time favourites, Beloved by Toni Morrison, so I grabbed a copy and jumped right in. None of the blurbs or reviews had prepared me … Ruby is the most beautifully written and completely disturbing novels I have read in a long time.

The story takes place in a small town in East Texas in the 1950’s and centres around 42 year-old Ruby Bell. Once considered “the kind of pretty it hurt to look at”, the Ruby we first meet has become the local lunatic: she is filthy, half-feral, and living alone in squalor while the whole community looks the other way. On the other side of town, Ephram Jennings is a soft-spoken, sweet-natured man who is overlooked by his neighbours too, just in a different way. Ephram remembers Ruby as the lovely girl she used to be and is the only one willing to see past her madness and offer any real help.

As Ephram and Ruby cautiously reconnect, we learn about the hateful things that have happened in that small town. This is what leads to her mind unraveling, and is where the novel gets really dark and uncomfortable. Racism, exploitation, and human trafficking are at the root of this story, and at times it was overwhelming – so be warned, there are some traumatic moments in Ruby. On the other hand, these are things that actually happen, then and now, and the author based this book on her own family and personal experiences. So while some of it is difficult, I will paraphrase the book itself here and say that if someone is brave enough to live it, the least we can do is listen.

In some ways Ruby is a modern horror story but is also a love story and a tale about finding hope in the smallest, most unexpected places. Tiny moments of courage and kindness keep the narrative afloat and the thing that ties it all together is Cynthia Bond’s exceptional writing – I was hooked from start to finish. Bond plays with themes of oppression and possession in a world bursting with natural and supernatural elements and she has populated this world with fully realized characters that you come to love – or, in some cases, really, really hate. Ruby is an amazing, affecting read and I highly recommend it and it seems Oprah agrees because this was recently selected as her latest Book Club pick! **

What have you read lately that you found inspiring? I’m looking for some lighter fare for spring…



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Our #BetterFoodForAll Mission with Sobeys




I love to eat out.  A lot.  Trying a new restaurant is pretty top on my list of favourite things to do.  But I also love to cook, to play with recipes and remix ingredients so when Sobeys asked me to get involved with the Better Food For All mission I was stoked.  The challenge, go out to some of my favourite restaurants, pick a dish and find a way to remake it in my own kitchen.

The one rule I try to stick to when I’m at home is that any meal I whip up be as healthy as possible.  Though I thought it would be fun to remake truffle parmesan fries from Bymark (it’s a meal, swear), I decided to head over to my ultimate healthy food spot, Fresh.  Fresh has been around in Toronto since 1999 serving up the most delicious vegan cuisine long before it was cool to be vegan.  Its founder, Ruth Tal, has become a dear friend of mine and puts so much care and passion into her menus that I knew paying homage to this Toronto mecca was a must.

So what would I remake from her killer new menu that was healthy yet satisfying, good for the whole family and accessible enough that you could get all of the ingredients from your local Sobey’s?  TACOS!  Obviously tacos.  Though it’s a toss up between the squash tacos and the jalapano lime ones as to which are my fave, because this is a healthy food mission I chose the latter.

I didn’t do much to mess with this genius dish because you really shouldn’t mess with perfection.  To make it even more nutrient packed I added avocado (because what is a taco without avocado) replaced the whole wheat shell with a corn one and added some julienne carrots at the end for a little added crunch.  You can also eat it without the shell all together!

Though this recipe has a few parts, they are all worth it and don’t take too long.  The tofu can be marinated a day ahead removing a step the day of which works for a busy mumma like me.  Plus all of these mini recipes can be consumed alone or in conjunction with other recipes because they’re so damn delicious!  Jalapeno lime dressing, I swear you can put that **** on anything!  You can also use the vegan mayo without the adding the jalapenos and cilantro for a great mayo alternative.


So after further ado,

Jalepeno Lime Tacos

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