Events: Learn To Cook A Raw Meal with Carol Belmonte of Belmonte Raw

Coco & Lowe presents….. A Cooking class with:


Many of us have made certified commitments to whoever will listen, that this year is the year you’re going to get healthy.   One of the biggest set backs can be not having a clue of what to cook or how to cook it.  Enter Carol Belmonte, raw food expert and chef extraordinaire.  On January 28th Carol will be teaching an intimate raw cooking class for 10 people in her newly opened Belmonte Raw storefront on Queen East.


Learn hands on how to make a full raw meal including appetizer, main and dessert.  Carol will also be imparting some of her practical and well researched knowledge to give us all a better understanding of the importance of a healthy diet and how to eat raw in the winter months.  As you know I’ve done a few raw food cleanses and absolutely swear by whatever Carol is serving.

Sample Menu:

Mediterranean salad with parsnip couscous
Jicama fries with sun-dried tomato aioli
Zucchini pasta with a chunky tomato sauce
Fresh herb Walnut meat
Chocolate Lucuma soft serve ice-cream.

The class costs $95.00 and includes as 10% discount on any purchases made that day in store and also discounts on cleanses.

When: Saturday January 28th from 4-6:30/7

Where: 1022 Queen St East

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