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Almost as soon as I published my post last week on TOMS I began to realize that the booths and lines that were drawing me in all continued along the same vein.  I first commented on Falling Whistles and then found good hYOUman & DiBi.

good hYOUman is based out of LA and was founded on the idea that everyone has a story.

This is Brett and his story is about creating a t-shirt and accessory brand in memory of his Dad who died far too young from Leukemia.  Sales from the T’s help to raise funds to find a cure for Leukemia and Lymphoma.

To hike up the coolness factor, Brett prints new stories that have been submitted to him on the insides of t-shirts.

And he’s created this awesome jewelry line that all have their own meanings.  My favorites were the full-FILL-ment necklace – which you are to fill with happiness, like sand from a fave vacation – as Brett described.

And this LO VE double necklace that you’re supposed to share with someone you love when you’re apart from each other.  Cute!

The DiBi Foundation:

The DiBi Foundation sells it’s fancy and stylish ties with the mission to provide supplies and educational services to rural communities worldwide.  With an interest to help locally (they’re based in Chi-town) and globally (they’ve sent supplies all the way to Bicol, Philippines)

With a hole in the market for stylish ties that were a bit nicer than the ones you find at H&M, but not as pricey as the super high end, Daniel Bruce found his niche – and a way to make his Momma proud (she’s a teacher – holy cute factor!)

(what did I tell you about Camo?!?!  It’s everywhere!)

DiBi ties are available at a slew of stores in the US including Nordstrom and in Toronto at Got Style.  Click HERE for more info and store listings.

These two gentlemen were super engaging and sweet and I’m happy that I got the chance to be inspired by them.

Everyone has a story.  Everyone can make a difference.

Keep up the good work guys!



image of Daniel via


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