health: The Switch Up – Keeping It Fresh.

I’m all for the feeling you get after a workout, it’s the ‘getting there’ that can be beyond tedious.  As soon as I start to dread working out more that usual, I employ what I like to call, The Switch Up.  Simply put, I try something new or something I haven’t done in a while to make what I’ve done for a while more appealing.

Last week Lissa dragged me (pretty much kicking and screaming) to a Socasize class at Flirty Girl Fitness and five minutes in I was smiling ear to ear.  When I left the class I had the highest endorphin high I have ever had!  And I don’t even like Soca music!

Here are some workouts that I’ve tried and have been just the thing to get me out of my workout rut.

Socasize – total convert.  I forgot how fun dancing can be, and how amazing it is for your body.

Ballet Boot Camp – you barely use weights, but the positions that you use in this class workout muscles I had no idea I even had.

Spinning – Winy and I recently did a disco themed ride at Quad and we LOVED it! If you’re ever in NYC or LA SoulCycle will change your life

Gravity – another workout where you use different muscles than you usually do.  After this class you feel long and lean.

Hot Yoga – yoga is amazing for not only your body, but also your mind.  Hot yoga amps up the intensity and also allows your body to sweat out those toxins.

Hourglass Bootcamp  – you know how I feel about this workout.  I swear by it.  Sign up for a month and you’ll hate me just as much as you love me.  So good.

If you’re bored with your current workout routine (or don’t have one at all) I highly recommend checking out one of the above classes or whatever class in your city that’s being offered somewhere that you don’t go often.  Not only is it an amazing way to kickstart a new routine, but it’s a great way to meet and connect with new people!





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