What Would She Say? #throwbackthursday

Before Twitter or Facebook or even the Internet *gasp* a little girl sat on a brown plaid couch in a pair of knee high socks, a striped mock neck, diapers and a book.  She had chocolate all over her face, uneven pigtails -to match her equally unruly fringe- and she did not have a care in the world.  Someone was even taking a picture of her and she didn’t pose…  She didn’t even flinch.  The thing that probably bothered her the most was that she’d already read the book and just really wanted some more chocolate.

I look back on that picture of myself and can’t help but wonder; what would she think?  What would she say?  If given the various conundrums we face on a daily, hourly, weekly basis, what would our younger selves tell us?

When we are children we act on our instincts, we’re curious and we always ask (to our parents disdain) WHHHYYYY?!?!  Our imagination bounds and we are desperate to learn.  Our main focus isn’t how to trim belly fat or how DARE she wear THAT?!?  But why does that do that?  Or where did that come from?  We play, we run, we skip and we dance… We dance with reckless abandon.

We don’t judge.  We learn that.

Today, this week, this month, try something new and don’t judge it.  Listen to a new perspective.  Open yourself up to allow your mind to engage with what it normally wouldn’t.

We often been encouraged to ask of ourselves, ‘what would you tell the younger you?’  I put that picture of me as a little pot bellied girl quietly reading a book -momentarily satiated by a chocolate binge- as my screensaver on my phone last month for the reverse effect.  I found myself feeling claustrophobic in my own judgements of myself that I was interested and inspired by the child in me.  The one who was courageous before having a true grasp on what courage was. I did it because every time I’m feeling nervous, scared, worried about the outcome, I look to her – the younger me – and ask her; with all of her innocence and freedom, before she learned judgement and grew an ego, ‘What do you think?’

She usually says; GET OVER IT!

She believes in me.  She doesn’t know any better.

just some thoughts.

Happy Thursday!



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5 thoughts on “What Would She Say? #throwbackthursday

  1. Very inspirational–it holds so much truth to it.
    And you’re absolutely right about “getting over it”!
    Sometimes it really is just that simple!

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