hair: au naturale

Four weeks ago, I made what was a very big decision in my life; I decided to take off my weave. I had been sporting extensions for over 2 years and every 6- 8 weeks, without fail, I would go to the salon and have them re-sewn in my head.

My entourage was very surprised when I announced to them before making the decision that I would actually go thru with it.  My sister said to me “ I don’t think you’ll even last a week and you’ll probably have to put a chemical relaxer in your hair for maintenance”, others were rooting for me to take it off because they couldn’t even remember what my real hair looked like and neither did I.

Nervous but determined to try it out; I enlisted the help of Hair Guru to the Coco & Cowe team, Lissa, to take out my extensions.  Over a nice evening of a healthy meal (getting our bodies ready for summer y’all), Lissa carefully took out my extensions and left me with instructions to how to get my hair prepared for Adrian at Hair 2 salon.

Two days later, I headed over to Hair 2 not really sure of what I was going to do. Still nervous with my new found hair (hello, lion head), I instructed them that I didn’t want to put a chemical relaxer in and that I wanted to try and wear my own hair for the next little while.

Here is a picture of what my hair looks like now:

Four weeks later, I am happy to report that I’m still sporting my natural hair. Every night before bed, I wrap my head in a silk scarf and when I wake up, I just brush it out. I do the same before I work out and I sometimes put a little leave-in conditioner in my hair beforehand.

Natural hair maintenance is not always easy, but for me, worth it.  Not to say that I’ll never wear extensions again, I actually will because I love the variety of wearing extensions.  But what I’ve learned through this process is that it is important to care for your hair underneath the extensions and that you need breaks in-between. Not sure how long I will continue to do this but I’m getting use to seeing the girl in the mirror that no longer sports 22”, 18” and 16” packs of Brazilian hair extensions in her head.   I sometime miss my extensions but I’m getting use to thinking that the girl in that mirror is just as cute without them.





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