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Hey ladies (& gents), today we’re talking primers!

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“Not to prime is a crime!” is a common quote within the beauty industry and for good reason. Primers are worth it for a multitude of reasons, and yes while it is an additional step in the morning (and expen$e), its benefits will shine through day after day, application after application.

Skin concerns like enlarged pores, dull and sallow skin and redness are just a few of the things that a primer can help and enhance.

The primer goes on after your skincare regimen (serums and moisturizers) and helps to lock that in and not interfere with your makeup. Primers are gold for those with especially dry skin, added moisture while sealing in your moisturizer!

Keeping with the golden numero cinq, I decided to post 5 of my absolute fave primers and these are all that I have tried and loved them for various different reasons :*)

Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer; First off this primer has an SPF (15), it’s water-resistant, mineral-based (so it pretty much sets itself *bonus*), has no grey cast (yay for deeper tones), Paraben, Fragrance, Oil AND Gluten free; and gives a great luminescence glow on the skin that can be mixed into your moisturizer as well. Great for minimizing shine and the appearance of large pores and is a great primer for the summertime.

Too Faced Primed and Poreless, Bronze Tint (ps. I only recommend the P&P that has the tint; the original was a def no-go for me!) This primer gives you such a gorgeous glow and sometimes I only wear this primer and no foundation (shhh, don’t tell anyone!) with an SPF of 20, its silky smooth and makes my face feel flawless. Ideal for deeper tones that want to forgo makeup for the day or anyone that wants to maintain a tan!

Laura Mercier Radiance Primer O M G! This is the newest primer to the LM family, she’s got an Original, Hydrating, Mineral and Oil-Free version as well. This primer is ideal for anyone that wants a glow and yes I realize it’s been about ten years since jLo set that trend, but it’s still going strong and who doesn’t want to have radiant skin?! This primer mixes in amazingly into moisturizers or foundations (another way to cut down on steps!) and glides so smoothly on the face. You can also double it as a highlighter and only use it on the peaks of your lovely face; Smashing baby!

Last but definitely not least, Givenchy Mister Mat. I threw this one in for all the ladies that have an issue with t-zone shine and/or sweat. Also, Coco swears by this primer and I’ve seen it work wonders on clients as well. What’s great about Mister Mat is that first off, its a mattifying primer. What’s really important to know is that, oil-free does not equal mattifying. Mattifying helps to control your natural sebum (oil) throughout the day and Oil-free just has no oil in the product (sometimes that means synthetic oil such as mineral oil *gross!* other times it will be no oil whatsoever, check your packaging and brand history!)

This primer can be worn alone or of course underneath your foundation and gives you an immediate smooth complexion, the primer is strong enough to control the oil production throughout the day yet light enough to let the skin breathe. Still not convinced? Ask Coco she’ll tell you!

So I only posted four of my faves and want to know your FIFTH! Let me know what primer is your must-have!


*bonus tip*

Although we’re talking face primers today, let’s not the forget other more specific primers little sisters, like lip and eye; they both can and will make your products last throughout the day (or all night!)  More on that later…


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