Mad Men Is Back!


To say I’ve been eagerly anticipating the return of Mad Men would be a nasty understatement.  I could not wait for the season premier and nearly clawed my Mr when he extended our stay at an event last night, leaving me to watch the second showing of the premier…

Needless to say, five minutes in, all was forgotten and I was transfixed by my favorite horribly sexist, egotistical, yet perfectly quaffed group of Mad Men.

Overall, the show played out much differently than the average episode.  Even though it ran for two hours, it seemed to move quickly from scene to scene, catching us up to all that has transpired since they left us almost two years ago.

My top moments & upsets: (don’t click ‘more’  if you haven’t seen it and care to be surprised)

1. Don & Megan are married – and we didn’t get to see a wedding *sad face*  How crazy awks and awesome would have that been?! Oh and Don is happy.  I’m not sure which version of him I like better, both seem relatively miserable but incredibly hot.

2. Betty was a no show.  Seriously? She is so necessary!

3. Joan has a baby, her husband still isn’t home, but her mom is….

4. Pete is annoying as ever and his wife doesn’t wear ball gowns in the house awaiting his arrival anymore.  Poor him.

5. Roger hates his quasi-new wife (Jane) and neither himself nor Joan have acknowledged their child’s true paternity

6. Black people existed in the 1960’s.  And not only as elevator operators. (finally, Mad Men!)

7. Sally looks like she’s 16 and is going to give her Daddy some serious headaches.  What a cutie!

8. Last but not least, Zou Bisou Bisou will be etched into my brain for the entire week.  Have you ever seen a more awkward sexy dance number?  I couldn’t help thinking that if that was me, I would probably do much the same.  Which reminded me never to do it.

zou bisou bisouuuuuu!

till next week my sweets!



p.s. check out some commentary about the episode from the cast and creator below:


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2 thoughts on “Mad Men Is Back!

  1. Im dying right now bc of your comment on her dance bhahahaahahahaha totally concur! I would be way worse than she was!!

    1. haha! right? I kinda wanted to hate on her but then pictured myself and realized it would be an even worse version so I just had to shut my mouth. hahaha!

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