Shop!: A Twist On The Original; Spike Friendship Bracelets (new to our shop)


I’ve been rocking with my arm party for quite some time now and when I saw these spike friendship bracelets I knew I had to make room for them.

Made by my instagram friend Lauren in sunny california, they are a fun twist on the original and can jazz up any outfit that’s suffering from a case of the ‘blahs’.

Being that I love them so much I’ve decided to sell them in our Online Store.  I wanted to wait until the site was completely re-hauled, but at the rate of speed that we’re working on that, I’d probably lose them before they went up….

They retail for $22.00 plus shipping and come in the colours above (limited quantities)

The colours are described as follows in the store (just so it’s not too confusing)

purple & green – 4 spikes

orange & blue – 3 spikes

pink/green/yellow – 4 spikes

purple & white – 3 spikes

orange & gold – 4 spikes


Get ’em HERE




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