Coachella more like No-chella BUT Festival Fashion can still be fun. Right?

Alas, another April has come and I have yet to attend the festival of all festivals.  People have been trying to make me feel better with whispers of commercialism and overcrowding, but I can’t help but picture myself mid field, boho dress, crowned in flowers, swaying in the wind while singing along to whomever stands centre stage.  *sigh*

Since we can’t all *sway* we can certainly dream fashionably and maybe even don a piece or two from the festival inspired collections that have been popping up.

Here’s some of what has been in my dreams:

1. For some reason my pride of being American (even though I’m not) is at an all time high.  Maybe it’s inspired by how fantastic Kate Bosworth looked last year in that American flag cutoff that’s got me inspired or maybe I just think they’re flag is way cooler than ours…  Whatever the case, this tank would be perfect to rock at festival time and would work teamed up with anything, especially the festival classic, jean shorts.

2. No matter what I do, these glasses just don’t suit me.  I’m sure it mostly has to do with my big ol’ head BUT if you are one of the lucky ones with a little heart shaped face, pick up these hippie favorites and wear them with pride.  So perfect. 

3.  Even though I’ve never actually been, I hear festivals can get pretty hot under all of that sun, especially in California.   A straw hat is a chic way to keep you not only protected from the sun but also to hide your growing frizzy hair-do.  I love these ones from Eugenia Kim but Aldo & H&M have cute ones too.

4. A fringe bag.  An obvious festival choice.

5. Jean shorts?  Hell yes.  Although not the most original choice, might I suggest a pair with a little added detail to set you apart from the rest?  Rustle up your inner hippie and sew on some cool fabric in the pockets (like above) add some fringe or fray them to shreds.  Be original.  Be weird.  You’re allowed, it’s a festival.

6. Accessories are big this year and we’re still seeing a ton of friendship bracelets.  You can buy some really cool ones (like the ones we’re selling) or you can dig back to your childhood and make some of your own.

7.  It isn’t a real festival if people aren’t painting their faces.  Free People makes it easy with their adorable Festival Paint palettes

Side note: since The Ace books up faster than Coachella, how about this for an alternative?

Free People pretty much think of it all.



Background photo by Jen Gotch.  I just bought this one.  Can’t wait to frame it and put it up on my imaginary photo wall….  I WILL get to it.  One of these days..



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    1. Hi there,

      I’m actually bi-racial. Unfortunately my hair doesn’t go very curly BUT if it did I would totally try it.

  1. yes but are you biracial like black and caucasian.. as you look like a good looking black woman, so why do you straighten your hair all the time ..arent you proud of curls?

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