The Sun Is Rad, Skin Cancer Is Bad :(

Oh the poetry…

Anyhoot, the sun is protruding her gorgeous little face (and I think she might be staying this time) and although I would love to slather myself in baby oil and get-that-glow, I recently  sat through hours of ‘sun lectures’ and have finally decided to heed the expert’s advice and seriously take a look at protecting my skin.  I’ve been religiously using an SPF on my face (wrinkles/vanity) but never gave much thought to the rest of my body….


This video woke me up out of my state of ignorant bliss:


Some sunscreen facts and tips:

-SUN SCREEN EXPIRES!  Don’t go digging in your toiletry bag for some sunscreen that you got for your high school trip to Cancun.  It has a shelf life so read the label

-Choose broad spectrum

-Just because it says SPF 100 doesn’t mean your getting triple the protection of say an SPF 30 (The Beauty Geeks go into more fab detail HERE)

-Unfortunately just because you’re using sunscreen doesn’t mean you’re fully protected.  A lot has to do with the amount, so don’t use it sparingly.  Go nuts!

– Black may not crack, but it CAN get skin cancer.  In fact because there is a misconception that the melanin in darker skinned people is a ‘get out of cancer jail free pass’ but in many cases of Melanoma in ethnic minorities goes unchecked making us more at risk for fatalities.

-You CAN get skin damage from reflected (or radial) light through windows

-You may have done most of the damage to your skin in your adolescence, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do more to harm yourself now.

– My Skin Check is a great resource to learn more and even track moles


Think skin protection is important yet? Here are some of my favourite ways to protect my skin:

joe fresh, skinceuticals, vichy, clinique, la roche-posay

So this long weekend, slather it on, cover it up and have a really, really good time!  The sun is a beautiful life source that can do magnificent things, but just like other things of magnificence (champagne, chocolate) overdoing it can have some harsh side effects so take care and be aware!  (the poetry just won’t quit!)







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