[beauty review] Nars blush in Luster

So you’re doing your make-up and decide to have a nice, sultry bold eye; smokey, bright, rainbow, drag whatever. Your eyes, sister are all the rage today, now what about the rest of your face?

This situation happens to me pretty often and I find myself going stir-crazy about how to correctly finish my look while still having a great balance of features. Blush, is one thing that I absolutely cannot leave the house without, even over mascara (*gasp*, I know!). From my very first blush purchase at a Lancome counter (Rose Fresque to be exact, aaaaand it’s still in circulation!), I’ve been in love; but when a lady’s got 4 different shadows on her eye, what goes on the cheeks?!

Stage right: Here enters my lovely blush in Luster, part blush part bronzer part glowy/highlighter/I had a great weekend thingy, its perfect for all your dramatic eye needs while still giving you definition on those non-existent cheekbones!

Slap it on and it’ll brighten your day, pinkie promise!



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