Think (or dream) Pink

I’m a pink fan (more the colour, although I’ve been known to belt out and awful rendition of “Just Like A Pill”).  And when I’m referring to said ‘pink’ it’s definitely in the ‘it’s an accent colour that compliments my skin’ but not in the ‘I’m a Barbie Girl, In A Barbie World’ kinda way…..

This spring/summer pink is back with a vengeance and there are so many beautiful shades to choose from, that I just might be caught out there one of these days looking exactly like the brown Barbie I was so quick to demonized.  BEWARE!

Ways to Wear

Blair from Atlantic-Pacific does a stellar job with the pink accent, layering and the pink-on-pink:


If you’re now thinking, I can’t wear pink, I’m not blonde – it just won’t work.  Don’t fret my pet!  There’s a pink for everyone:



Soft (and coral):

And everything in between!:

What’s on my pink Lust List? These three items have me drooling:

miu miu purse –netaporter, blazer – Naven, jeans – Motel



photos via pinterest


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