The Best Advice I Ever Got

So I usually leave it up to Cocolina for the book reviews, because I have an awful tendency of buying books, reading them partially and then starting another one – awful! I absolutely love book shopping (hence my book shelf) and feel absolutely full and complete when I leave indigo with a book (or four) in my hand. Crazy, I know – but hey, what can ya do?

I usually purchase books when I’m feeling down or feeling like I need advice or some type of reassurance in my life or the direction its headed. Feeling this dark cloud come over me the other day, as per usual I headed to Chapters for a pick me up! I usually keep a list of books in my trust iPhone that I want to purchase. Whether I read a great review or feel it can enlighten me somehow, I’ll jot it down and pick it up on my next binge.

The Best Advice I Ever Got by Katie Couric, was a book I wanted to pick up for a long time and on Monday I finally did. Excited to snuggle up and dive in immediately, I got right to it and was absolutely not disappointed. More than just a ‘self-help’ quote book, it’s actually filled with real, thorough and personal advice from everyone under the sun. Some famous, some not so well known, but each tale more insightful and truthful than the last. The major lesson that I have taken away from these pages is to fear not.

Fear, a huge epidemic that faces everyone, right smack in the face, at least once or twice in their life is an issue that most of the authors spoke about entirely or touched on shortly. Letting your fear consume you or be the major deciding factor in your decision-making will almost always set you back, and yes sometimes fear prevents you from doing some really stupid things, but it can also stop you from doing creative, exciting or experimental things; as the lovely Helen Mirren mentioned in her piece. It can either swallow you whole, be the elephant in the room or be a single step on your hike through life.

This book is more than daily affirmations or really wealthy people telling you how to live this easy glamorous life. Its a testament to humankind, that no matter where you’re from, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation, we all want the same things. The only thing that seperates us and creates that line in the sand, is who goes after it and who stays behind.

This is definitely a book I’ll keep close for when I need to hear supportive words or when I need to be reminded that where I am is exactly where I am supposed to be, because of my own conscious decisions and not because of fear.

A definite recommendation!

Lots of love,


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