Women of Style: Coco Baudelle

A few weeks back when Catriona (the other ‘Coco) appeared in the wicked Marcus Troy for Puma project, I was immediately struck by the beauty of Coco Baudelle who was also being featured in the series.  I quickly googled her and found her creative blog She Walks on Pearls.   As I scrolled through her different blog entries I knew that she had to be our next woman of style.

Coco’s style is diverse, at times very feminine and sometimes more masculine but one thing is for sure, she’s always on point.  Meet Coco Baudelle, our latest woman of style.

Bisous, Winy


Full name: Coco Baudelle
Age: 22
Occupation: Creative mind ― creative director, designer, visual artist.
Current city: Montreal
Blog: shewalksonpearls.blogspot.com
Twitter: @CocoBaudelle

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Montreal, Canada. I stopped growing up when I realized youth is a state of mind.

How would describe your style?

My gear is a material hint of the way my mind is set on life. I sometimes dress like men because they inspire me power and confidence, whereas there are days where you will catch me wearing a 70’s maxi embellished wrap dress because I woke up that day thinking Diane Von Furstenberg is a boss.

Your go-to brands and why?

I do clean the hell out of Zara‘s and American Apparel. The more you get, the more you play. But I much more appreciate intriguing and soulful brands like Acne, Isabel Marant, A.P.C., Givenchy, Céline and Balmain.

Your favourite wardrobe piece and why?

My Givenchy barking dog print tee has to be the piece I love wearing the most these days. Its roughness and simplicity combined to the fact that it’s a little oversized make me feel like I’m being true to the world : I’m that small girl next door who’s fighting for her dreams, no mercy.

The beauty product you can’t live without?

The Chanel Soleil de Tan bronzing makeup base used as a cream blush is heavenly. It adds a delicate tan glow to my slightly golden skin tone, instantly brightens up my complexion.

A beauty secret your mom or grandma told you that you use?

They say beauty lies in what you love. Doing what I love makes me see beauty in odd places, and faces, and moments. I live by this everyday.

Your Spring/Summer 2012 must haves?

Cut-off sleeve tees, silky straight leg trousers, skateboards and ankle strap sandals. Their lightness and the fact that they don’t make sense together is what I like about them.